The Center for Discovery has a clear ally in U.S. Senator Charles Schumer in its mission to provide the world’s best care and education of children and adults with complex conditions like autism and medical frailties.

During a collaborative meeting with Dr. Theresa Hamlin, The Center for Discovery’s Associate Executive Director; Edward Sweeney, The Center’s Board President; and Michael Rosen,  Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications, at Senator’s Schumer’s office in Washington, D.C., he was updated on research being done at The Center.

Senator Schumer was also updated on The Center’s latest major initiative – the Children’s Specialty Hospital and Research Institute for Brain and Body Health. The Hospital is the first in New York State to specifically focus on those with complex conditions in need of urgent care. The Children’s Specialty Hospital is designed to provide a short-term, clinical assessment program with the goal of better diagnosing underlying problems that affect behavior and learning. Improved understanding of underlying physiological, medical and mental health problems will lead to more targeted treatments and interventions, all with the goal of enabling children and adolescents to stay at home, in school, and integrated in the community.

“Our model at The Center for Discovery is truly comprehensive and requires collaboration between a highly integrated team, ranging from physicians and specialists, to clinicians, nutritionists, and more,” Dr. Hamlin said. “This is not being done anywhere else. And our success with these individuals attests to how critical a robust, bio-behavioral approach is for care.”

After the meeting, Senator Schumer released this statement: “As a repeat visitor to their amazing operation in Sullivan County, I was thrilled to have leadership from the Center for Discovery come down to Washington and
update me on the progress of its first-of-its-kind children’s specialty hospital. This world-class organization’s mission of serving and improving the lives of individuals with complex disabilities is an honorable one that I’m going to support through every means possible. I look forward to continue working hand-in-hand with the Center for Discovery to improve educational and health care services for the individuals who need them most in Sullivan County and across Upstate New York.”

TCFD President & CEO, Patrick H. Dollard, added, “This meeting with Senator Schumer is emblematic of our wonderful relationship with him and is a model for the kind of collaboration we are building nationwide, as we try and help more and more people with complex conditions.” As The Center for Discovery works to take its model of health nationwide and expand partnerships with federal government agencies like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Senator also promised his support. The meeting ended with the Senator thanking TCFD for its absolute dedication to all those with complex conditions.

To view the full press release, visit http://bit.ly/TCFDSchumer19.

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