Our Approach

Innovative Therapies and Immersive Environments

Caring for people with complex needs, such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and autism, as well as other rare conditions, includes deep consideration of how the air they breathe, the food they consume, the surroundings they see, and the sounds they hear, impact their health and ultimately our health, too.

We have created a unique therapeutic ecosystem and HealthE6 model in which every space, activity, technology, and service is designed to work in tandem, creating spaces that encourage each person to be and do their best.

The Center is continually innovating and advancing new models of care to better support individuals with complex health and social needs.

The magic comes when we focus less on what a disability tells us someone can’t do, and instead focus our energy, and theirs, on all of the things we can do – together. 

From Color and Light, to Fresh Air and Food, everything we do is designed "With Intention"

The staff at The Center do not see limitations in their residents and students, nor do they expect individuals to adapt to their environment. In fact, it is the opposite approach. Staff members find creative solutions to adapt the environment to the individual so that the individual can thrive.

NORC at the University of Chicago