A Highly Dedicated and Interdisciplinary Team

Theresa M. Hamlin, Ed.D.
President & Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Brescia
Chief Financial Officer

Michael Rosen
Executive Vice President, Development, Marketing, & Strategic Communications

Amy Davidoff, Esq.
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Alyce T. Sherwood, M.A. SLP
Chief of Residential Programs

Kerri Muzuruk, M.Ed.
Chief of Education, Curriculum Design & Coordination

Susan Sayers, MSN, RN
Chief of Health Services

Kaitlin E. Haas, MPA
Vice President of Admissions

Helena le Roux Ohm, Ph.D.
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Gabrielle Scott
Vice President of Development

Donald E. Santiago
Chief of Residential, Pediatric Program

Danielle Carlsen, M.Ed.
Chief of Residential, Pediatric Program

Nicole G. Kinney, DPT
Chief of Clinical Services

Johanna Lantz, Ph.D.
Chief of Psychology

Philip D. Wilken, MD
Medical Director

Nicole Rizzitiello, MPH
Chief of Healthcare Operations

Amanda Ward
Chief, Division of People Operations & Educational Sustainability

Joe Carraccia
Chief of Health Informatics and Information Technology

Amber Ryan
Chief of Corporate Compliance/Quality Improvement

Cesare Casella
Chief of Nourishment Arts

Jennifer Franck, M.S., R.D.
Assistant Chief of Nourishment Arts

Patrick H. Dollard
Senior Advisor