Residential Services

A Whole Child, Whole Community Approach

The Center for Discovery is the largest residential provider in New York State for children with significant and complex disabilities. The program includes beautiful, universally designed residences for children; an integrative nature-based special educational program; comprehensive medical, behavioral, and clinical services; advanced rehabilitation technology; adaptive physical education; music and art therapy; and other key services and programs. Services are provided by highly-trained and qualified staff that operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our pediatric residential program is an extension of our therapeutic education program. Both settings are highly integrated with each other to ensure consistency in implementing programs.  A multidisciplinary team of professionals design, develop and implement the program for each child to learn the skills necessary to increase their independence to their fullest potential and to generalize these skills.  The daily routines are highly structured and individualized to meet each student’s needs.  The HealthE6 model is the foundation for the structure of these routines in each residence with a focus on developing communication and social skills and emotional and energy regulation.  Our staff promotes independence in self-care and daily-life skills and overall wellness through diet and exercise.

Activities such as performing arts, yoga, gardening, outdoor recreational sports, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, snowshoeing, skiing, and social events provide opportunities for individuals to learn, grow, and have fun.