Strategic Outreach & Partnerships

Welcome to The Office of Strategic Outreach and Partnerships at The Center for Discovery

The Office of Strategic Outreach and Partnerships, a merger of both the Media Studio and the Development Office at The Center for Discovery, is an integrated model where all team members work together across different disciplines including:

  • Academic Conferences
  • Awareness
  • Development and Philanthropy
  • Event Planning for Signature Fundraising Efforts
  • Government Relations – Federal and State
  • Grant Funding Initiatives
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Priority Collaborations
  • Public-private Partnerships
  • Special Projects
  • Strategic Communications

The Center for Discovery’s Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

The Center for Discovery holds a number of partnerships across the state level, along with academic, research, and organizational partnerships and collaborations. These include:

State Partnerships

The Center for Discovery is a New York State designated Center of Excellence for complex disabilities, the largest Children’s Residential Project (CRP) program in NYS, the preeminent leader in developing innovative models of care including a first-of-its-kind Children’s Specialty Hospital, and a participant in NYS’s Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program.

Academic and Research Partnerships

The Center for Discovery has engaged in groundbreaking research for more than a decade, pioneering studies that are designed to inform interventions, techniques, and tools for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, complex medical frailties, rare syndromes, Alzheimer’s and dementia, and other complex conditions. Current areas of study include the development of Smart Homes and advanced technology to improve outcomes for adults with autism; the use of medical marijuana for drug-resistant epilepsy; and the advancement of data analytics to develop personalized medicine.

Organizational Partnerships

The Center for Discovery partners with various organizations to advance assistive technology, expand access to adaptive sports and recreation activities, support environmental and farmland conservation, and improve community health outcomes.

For more information on these partnerships, or potential partnerships, please reach out to the Office of Strategic Outreach and Partnerships, at

For any media or press inquiries, please reach out to Michael Rosen, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Communications at

Michael Rosen

Executive V.P. of Development, Marketing, & Strategic Communications

Helena le Roux Ohm, Ph.D.

V.P. of Strategic Partnerships

Gabrielle Scott

V.P. of Development

Courtney Gold

Director of Marketing

Jessica Calabrese

Development Manager

Carmen Williams

Development Coordinator

Dean McManus

Senior Graphic Designer

Jesse Wall

Multimedia Specialist

Kevin Mesa

Junior Graphic Designer