Seed to Belly®

Nourishing the Individuals in our Care – from Seed to Belly®

Seed to Belly is our version of what many refer to as “Farm to Table.”  DNA initiates well before the farm, and focuses on the quality of soil and seeds that we select.  This commitment follows through to emphasize and teach the importance of excellence along the entire food chain. It continues from the farm into the kitchen, and then ultimately to the most important part of the chain – the bite.  If food just makes it to the table, it doesn’t heal.  We help picky eaters transition to our healthy and nutritious food, in order to complete the cycle and nourish the individuals we care for, thus – from Seed to Belly.

The Seed to Belly nutritional plan is an integral part of the program because the gut-mind connection is very evident in individuals with Autism. As a result, it can calm down a child and improve their whole wellbeing, just based on what they put in their body.

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