Training & Consultation Services

Empowering Growth, Cultivating Progress, Inspiring Possibilities

Welcome to The Center for Discovery’s industry-leading training and consultation services. With our strong network of experts, we are uniquely positioned to serve a diverse range of clients, including schools, healthcare settings, residential facilities, community organizations, government agencies, advocacy groups, and others dedicated to supporting individuals with complex needs.

Drawing on decades of research and practice working with individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other forms of neurodivergence, The Center for Discovery ATLAS (Assessment, Training, and Learner Advancement Services) team are uniquely positioned to help improve systems of care.

Leveraging our expertise, we provide professional development workshops and training sessions to equip educators, healthcare professionals, therapists, social workers, case managers, support staff, administrators, policymakers, and other professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to create inclusive environments and deliver effective care.

Our commitment to ongoing individualized consulting services ensures that we offer personalized support tailored to the unique needs of each client. From program design and implementation to clinical supports, therapeutic interventions, transition planning, and policy development, our team of experts collaborate closely with clients, empowering them to overcome challenges, enhance skillsets, and maximize outcomes. Together, we strive to create a brighter future and more inclusive environments for individuals with complex needs.

The Center for Discovery’s collaborative consultation approach has benefitted numerous programs, institutions, and practitioners across the state, country, and world.  With access to experts from a variety of clinical specialties, state-of-the-art technology, and cutting-edge research, helping to support best practices across complex care is our number one priority.

Our current clients include:

  • Individual families
  • Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) programs
  • School districts
  • Parent groups
  • Developmental disability care organizations
  • Childcare providers
  • Corporate partners

With a strong emphasis on individualized development and implementation, our services include (but are not limited to):

Behavioral Consultation Services (Home, School, Community)

  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)
  • Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)
  • Policy Development
  • Systemic Supports
  • Administrative Consultation Services
  • Daily Classroom Supports
  • Parent Training
  • Professional Development
  • ABA Programming and Support
  • Skills Assessment

Psychological Evaluation Services (On-Campus & Off-Campus)

  • Psychometric Testing
  • Developmental Screenings
  • Brief Emotional/Behavior Assessment
  • Psychological Testing

Assistive Technology Services (On-Campus & Off-Campus)

  • Evaluations
  • Re-Evaluations
  • Trainings

Teacher of the Visually-Impaired (TVI) Services (On-Campus & Off-Campus)

  • Visual Consultation
  • TVI Evaluation
  • TVI Training

Therapy Services (On-Campus & Off-Campus)

  • Occupational Therapy Evaluations
  • Speech-Language Pathology Evaluations
  • Physical Therapy Evaluations
  • Re-Evaluations
  • Individual Sessions

Food Exploration and Discovery (FED) Services (On-Campus & Off-Campus)

  • Nutritional Guidance and Coaching
  • Nutritional Training
  • Eating and Nutrition Evaluations
  • Professional Developmental

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