Therapeutic Horticulture

Let it Grow

Our horticulture specialists know the importance of getting one’s hands in the soil. Tending a garden provides vast opportunities for improved physical development, cognitive abilities, and social interaction.

To support this, there are several Healing Gardens located throughout The Center. These are working gardens where a variety of medicinal and culinary herbs, flowers, ornamentals and shrubs grow. We also have three designated herbal workshops where our students and residents work with herbs, creating culinary blends, herbal teas, and dried products for consumption throughout the agency. Opportunities for gardening occur throughout the year, with participants joining in every step of planning and maintaining a garden, from the greenhouse to the field and beyond.

Our gardens and herbal workshops provide a rich, multi-sensory experience that heightens the connection to one’s self, others, and the greater world around them. These spaces also make it easy for anyone to participate and learn the basics of horticulture and the biodynamic method we use on our Thanksgiving Farm.