Patrick H. Dollard

Patrick H. Dollard

Senior Advisor

An Internationally Recognized Thought Leader in the Field

Patrick H. Dollard is a world renowned provider of research and programs for children and adults with complex conditions.  As one of the field’s most innovative and disruptive visionaries, Mr. Dollard is an internationally recognized thought leader in the development of new models of care. He regularly presents at national and international conferences including The Kresge Foundation, Health Care Without Harm, United Cerebral Palsy and the Autism Roundtable, among others. His compassion and vision are uniting the fields of mental health, aging and veteran affairs. He is a frequent contributor to the veteran and first responder mental health and wellness roundtables held by the organization, America Salutes You.

Under Mr. Dollard’s 40 years of leadership, The Center for Discovery grew from a facility with 30 employees to one with more than 1,700 full-time staff providing a range of educational, residential, medical, clinical and recreational programs. Additionally, he was instrumental in bringing together researchers from several prominent universities to develop a nationally recognized research program at The Center that has led to cutting-edge breakthroughs in complex conditions.

Mr. Dollard pioneered the development of environmentally advanced healthcare and educational facilities that utilize energy efficient technologies and sustainable construction materials. The Discovery Health Center was the first healthcare facility in the country to be registered with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), receiving its prestigious LEED certification. The Center’s Ridge Campus was New York State’s first specially designed campus for adolescents with autism, and the Michael Ritchie Big Barn Center for Environmental Health and Education, home to the Lab School research program, is a Platinum LEED facility. Mr. Dollard also created The Center’s Thanksgiving Farm CSA, an organic and bio-dynamically certified farm that provides vocational training for residents of The Center, as well as produce for The Center and for community members from the broader Sullivan County region. He is the co-author of the award-winning book, Feeding the Heart, with Chef Cesare Casella.

A 2020 Economic Impact Study conducted by TEConomy Partners revealed that The Center for Discovery was responsible for more than $1.77 billion in economic impact for New York State between 2011 and 2019. In 2018, Mr. Dollard expanded that impact by purchasing the former Frontier Insurance Headquarters, located in Rock Hill, NY, which will be home to a first of its kind Children’s Specialty Hospital and Research Institute for Bio-Behavioral and Environmental Health. The hospital will serve as a national model by providing an urgently needed short-term, clinical assessment program for children with complex conditions, while the Research Institute will advance breakthroughs and raise the standard of complex care in the state. These new projects are expected to create over 400 new healthcare jobs, and 150 construction jobs.

Citing his distinguished accomplishments in the field, and his international reputation, the SUNY system awarded Mr. Dollard an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters in May 2013. The following year, he was honored with the Open Space Institute (OSI) Land Conservation Award at OSI’s Annual Awards Luncheon. This award recognized the unique partnership between The Center and OSI and highlighted The Center’s role in creating sustainable farms, organic and bio-dynamically grown foods, and healthy environments for the individuals it serves, as well as for its staff.

The magic that happens here is because we see the individuals we care for as unique people that have remarkable energy. You just have to find it. You don’t contain it. It’s that kind of genius we have with our staff.

Patrick H. Dollard

Former CEO, The Center for Discovery