Children’s Specialty Hospital

A New Model of Care for New York State

In a groundbreaking development for the state of New York, The Center for Discovery will open a first of its kind Children’s Specialty Hospital that will transform the standard of care for complex conditions.

New York State does not currently have any short-term inpatient assessment programs for children with complex developmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders and medical frailties. As children with complex disabilities become adolescents, they may become more of a challenge, both in classrooms and at home. Teachers and parents may find it difficult to engage and support them, especially if they present challenging, maladaptive behavior.

Recognizing these challenges, The Center is building a Children’s Specialty Hospital to provide a short-term, clinical assessment program with the goal of better diagnosing underlying problems that affect behavior and learning. Improved understanding of underlying physiological, medical and mental health problems will lead to more targeted treatments and interventions, all with the goal of enabling children and adolescents to stay at home, in school, and integrated in the community.

The Children’s Specialty Hospital will conduct comprehensive medical and clinical assessments over a maximum of six months. Staff will engage parents, caregivers, and school district personnel as partners in the process. The hospital, scheduled to open in 2020, is expected to save New York State millions of dollars each year, with the goal of replicating this model throughout the state and the nation.

For more information about supporting the Children’s Specialty Hospital, please contact Richard Humleker, Vice President of Development, at


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