Dr. Theresa Hamlin

Associate Executive Director

Theresa Hamlin, Ed.D. is the Associate Executive Director at The Center for Discovery, a New York State designated Center of Excellence for children and adults with complex conditions, including autism spectrum disorders, medical frailty and other rare disorders.  She has been active in the field for more than three decades, and is the author of the recently published book, “Autism and The Stress Effect” – a guide for parents and teachers to help children with autism regulate their experiences to reduce the debilitating effects of stress, with foreword’s from Dr. Temple Grandin, Colorado State University and Dr. John Ratey, Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Hamlin is well-rounded in the field and lectures nationally and internationally about the physical, mental, and social development of children as they relate to health and educational practices for those with complex conditions. She has developed a model whole-body approach to treatment called the HealthE6, which is practiced at The Center for Discovery.  The Model is evidence-based, and unifies research with clinical expertise and practice.

With a keen interest in research and advancing knowledge in the field, Dr. Hamlin has developed the research program at The Center for Discovery including the Lab-School initiative that is designed with advanced technology to study the effects of the environment on children with autism and other complex conditions. Using large data sets to improve care, the initiative extends to the development of robust algorithms for predictive and prescriptive analytics to support children with complex needs in real-time. The efforts are joined by scientists from leading universities and partners such as Harvard Medical School, Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University, University of Missouri, Columbia University/New York Presbyterian, CUBRC, Inc., University of Colorado, and University of North Carolina.

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