Our Associate Executive Director, Dr. Theresa Hamlin, delivered a key presentation on The Center for Discovery®’s leading-edge vision of housing for those with complex conditions, at the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee’s (IACC) workshop – “Addressing the Housing Needs of People on the Autism Spectrum”, held in Rockville, MD.

The workshop assembled a working group of the IACC, along with advocates and members of the public that honed in on the housing needs of individuals with autism. In addition to Dr. Hamlin’s presentation, she also participated in a discussion that focused on challenges in housing for those with complex conditions, like autism. Dr. Hamlin’s presentation, “From House to Home: Thriving with Autism at The Center for Discovery®,” shared The Center’s advanced residential model, including the importance of designing an environment that can reduce inflammatory and stress-related conditions for individuals who have complex forms of autism. The presentation also highlighted medical comorbidities in those with autism and the drivers of behaviors in this population: biology, behavior, and environment. To watch Dr. Hamlin’s presentation, please visit: (shown at the 2:58:00 mark).

The Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee is a U.S. government advisory body that coordinates and supports federal efforts in order to facilitate the exchange of information and study solutions for individuals with autism.