Meet our Leadership Team

Patrick H. Dollard
President and Chief Executive Officer

Theresa M. Hamlin, Ed.D.
Associate Executive Director

Michael Rosen
Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Claude D’Alessandro
Chief Financial Officer

Richard D. Humleker
Vice President of Development
Harris Office

William T. Evans
Vice President of Development
New York City Office

Thomas J. Burnham
Assistant Vice President for
Development and Environmental Policy

Steven H. Mosenson, Esq.
General Counsel/Corporate Integrity Officer

David P. Fanslau
Vice President of Operations and Administration

Marcus E. Floyd
Vice President of Collaboration, Inclusion and Diversity

Maytte Dusseau
Chief of Admissions

Nicole G. Kinney, DPT
Chief of Clinical Services

Johanna Lantz, Ph.D.
Chief of Psychology

Alyce T. Sherwood, M.A. SLP
Chief of Adult Program

Donald E. Santiago
Chief of Pediatric Program

Danielle Carlsen
Chief of Pediatric Program

Philip D. Wilken, MD
Medical Director

Susan Sayers, RN, M.A.
Chief Nursing Officer

Cesare Casella
Chief of Nourishment Arts

Jennifer Franck, M.S., R.D.
Assistant Chief of Nourishment Arts

Working Here

We have over 1,600 employees, many of whom started their careers with us and are now expert farmers, whole-food chefs, teachers, clinicians, doctors, and celebrated leaders. Our growing reputation for excellence has attracted talented staff from all over the world. The possibilities here are limitless - join our team today.