young girl studying with therapist

Nearly four months into our pandemic plan, students and parents of The Center’s Day School program are still participating in distance learning. TCFD’s Psychology and Clinical teams have created a series of quick tips to help parents and students navigate their schedules, routines, and all aspects of day-to-day life, significantly altered as a result of the novel coronavirus.

  • Create a day to day schedule of tasks that you and your child can complete and enjoy at the same time. It is ok if you are not able to finish all the school work planned for your child. Much learning can take place through fun activities such as cooking, art, music, and walks outside.
  • Plan for downtime throughout the day. Both you and your child need a break from time to time. Allow your child to engage in a preferred activity, even if it’s not functional (as long as it is not dangerous!). Some children love calming music. If this is something your child would enjoy, play music while he or she rests in a comfortable position (https://bit.ly/TCFDSoundHealing, https://bit.ly/TCFDSoundHealing2). Then take time for yourself!
  • Some things are within your control right now, but many things are not. Focus on what you can What hasn’t changed? Has anything changed for the better?
  • Stay in the present moment. Release ideas about what you should be doing and permit yourself to enjoy whatever you are
  • Just do your best, and don’t expect perfection. There are many supports in place at school to assist your child that you don’t have at home. Focus on small successes.
  • Limit news consumption to one or two credible news sources daily. Too much news adds to anxiety and stress.

Contributed by Regina Onesty, Behavior Specialist and Johanna Lantz, Ph.D., Chief of Psychology.