As brain wellness rapidly becomes a focus of scientific interest, The Center for Discovery, a Center of Excellence in New York State, is increasingly being called upon nationally to share its three decades of research, innovation and successful, integrated whole-body care for the most complex individuals like those with autism.

At a recent roundtable discussion on issues facing veterans and first responders, Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Ryan, and also TCFD’s Strategic Goal Manager, outlined The Center’s philosophy and methods of addressing brain health through a multi-disciplinary model, called The HealthE6™ Model, which is applicable to anyone. This model includes: evaluation, consideration of a person’s environment, thoughtful eating and nutrition, factoring in energy regulation in terms of exercise and sleep, managing emotional regulation, and evidence-based education and treatment. The model, Ryan said, is based on research done right at The Center: “Research that drives innovation and interventions that could be more effective in care which naturally only leads to better outcomes for the folks we work with every day.”

The panel, which was held in Washington D.C., was sponsored by America Salutes You, a non-profit organization that produces concerts to raise awareness of brain health for veterans and first responders. Ryan, himself a veteran, with recent tours in Syria and Afghanistan, was encouraged by the roundtable discussion and the many people present who are concerned about veterans and first responders, mental health and access to treatment. “Ultimately, these are questions of human decency: how well we treat those in need –veterans or not—serves as something as a barometer of our societal health,” he said.  At The Center for Discovery’s Research Institute, there are several ongoing trials being done that fit that description.  Researchers are conducting an observational study of medical marijuana in those with epileptic seizures that do not respond to medication. They are also actively looking into the gut microbiome, the role of food and overall health.  And, they are examining the roles of stress, sleep, and exercise specifically in regards to behavior and well-being.

The Center for Discovery will continue this conversation about how brain health is studied and achieved at The Center for complex individuals, and how the model can be used to help veterans and first responders. TCFD President & CEO, Patrick H. Dollard, is a panel member at the next critical America Salutes You roundtable in San Diego later this month prior to the “Guitar Legends 3” benefit concert.

For more information about The Center for Discovery’s model of health, please contact the Office of Strategic Communications at