Dedicated Laboratory for the Development of New Products and Assistive Technologies for All

HURLEYVILLE, N.Y. (Jan. 10, 2019) — A next-generation assistive technology lab was officially opened today at The Center for Discovery’s® (TCFD) Technology Hub and Incubator (THINC) with the sole purpose of developing new ways to help people with a range of disabilities and complex conditions overcome their limited mobility and interact more easily with the world around them. American Portfolios (AP) has entered into a five-year funding commitment with TCFD through the AP Foundation, to establish and operate The American Portfolios Assistive Technology Lab, which is focused on the creation of innovative products, cutting-edge technologies and new assistive devices.

The American Portfolios Assistive Technology Lab, will leverage more than three decades of TCFD leadership in this area. The Lab will serve as an incubator and design hub for TCFD’s clinicians and educators to collaborate on new ideas and product development. By sharing resources and knowledge, the American Portfolios Assistive Technology Lab will promote the progressive development of assistive technology interventions that have the potential to provide life-changing benefits for people with complex conditions, including disabled veterans and those with age-related issues.

“Giving back to the community continues to be a major focus for us,” said American Portfolios CEO Lon T. Dolber and 2018 TCFD Honoree. “I firmly believe that companies have an obligation to be socially responsible and to share that mission with their employees and their clients; leading by example often has the benefit of creating a trickle-down effect. I have seen firsthand how our relationship with The Center for Discovery® has transformed our staff members, affiliated colleagues and business partners. Today, AP is honored to be a part of another transformative endeavor – the formal unveiling of the American Portfolios Assistive Technology Lab and the promise this new venture holds for the residents at The Center and the world beyond.”

Since 2010, Dolber has served as the organizational force behind the Adventure Team Challenge, in conjunction with World T.E.A.M., for residents from TCFD, in which groups partake in a series of athletic, recreational and outdoor experiences to provide a sense of achievement and teamwork for those with significant physical and behavioral disabilities. Each year, a number of AP employees, affiliated investment professionals, friends and others volunteers serve as team members and assist TCFD staff in providing essential logistical support.

“For more than 30 years, we’ve been committed to developing assistive technologies and devices for individuals that allow them the right to move – with dignity and with freedom,” said Patrick H. Dollard, President and CEO of The Center for Discovery®. “Today, the official opening of the American Portfolios Assistive Technology Lab brings us one step closer to being able to transform lives not just here – but everywhere.  We are deeply grateful to Lon T. Dolber and American Portfolios for their unwavering support and commitment and we look forward to our continued partnership.”

THINC houses five distinct labs: The American Portfolios Assistive Technology Lab, the Walter and Vera Scherr Maker’s Lab, the Discovery Lab, a Digital Design Lab, and a Digital Media Lab. Most recently, a collaborative effort between TCFD clinicians and educators resulted in the design, and development of indieGo – an innovative power mobility device that instantly turns almost any manual wheelchair into a power wheelchair. The mission of indieGo, which first debuted as a demo at American Portfolios annual national conference, Connections 2017 is The Right to Move. It was initially funded and supported by, the philanthropic arm of Google. THINC is an extension of TCFD’s broader research initiatives, including the development of a comprehensive Research Institute for Brain and Body Health. THINC is located in the hamlet of Hurleyville, N.Y., which is the central location for TCFD’s healthy community model – a wide-ranging effort to re-imagine what it means to be a fully inclusive and sustainable community, including partnerships with school districts, university partners, emerging businesses, and new commercial and residential development opportunities.

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