Institutional Review Board

The Center for Discovery’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a federally-registered IRB with Federalwide Assurance (FWA). If you are interested in submitting a research proposal for review, please use the form below.

Institutional Review Board


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Research Questions:

Respond to each of the items below by providing brief, but complete information under the designated heading. Identify any additional supporting documents in your response and attach them at the end of the form. See the CFD-IRB Manual Section V for Specific instructions and elaborations. All investigators must sign the Investigator Assurance at the end of this form.


Rationale for Study:

Describe the participants for whom, or about whom, data are to be gathered.

Design and Study:

Outcomes of Study:
Outcomes of research studies may be of limited scope or have contributions for participants, generalized knowledge and/or methodological/technical advances with commercial implications. Respond to each of the questions below in this regard

Risks and Minimization of Risk:

Informed Consent:

Confidentiality and Security of Data:


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