The FlexTable – A Table for All

The Center for Discovery has long been a pioneer in developing universal design solutions that improve functioning and quality of life for people with disabilities.  As an example, the FlexTable™, is commercially available and speaks to the thoughtfulness of The Center’s design innovation.  The FlexTable is designed to accommodate a variety of individuals with different seating needs, allowing them the experience of eating, playing, and interacting together, each at his or her own preferred table height.  Each table lead or work station is independently height adjustable, and easily adjusted.  No tools required.

Whether you are matching existing furniture or want to add a fresh perspective to your environment, our design team can accommodate your needs. Additional details of the FlexTable include:

  • Standard rectangular leaf can be custom cut for improved support performance
  • Available in multiple colors to enhance any environment
  • Protective edging to ensure longevity of finish
  • High quality 4″ lockable casters for stability and ease of movement
  • End stations can be easily removed
  • Leaf depth can be customized to meet special needs
  • Low maintenance upkeep

For more information on the FlexTable, please contact Jason Kean, Director of Innovation at The Center for Discovery, at jkean@tcfd.org

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