31 Days of Fall Fun

Nothing can stop The Center for Discovery®’s dedication and care of its residents and students. In the midst of an ongoing global pandemic, the devotion of its staff to learning, exploring, creating, and connecting with the environment and each other – is stronger than ever.

As the air turned crisp and cool, and the leaves changed to bright crimson, (TCFD) orange, and yellow, and it became obvious COVID-19 safety measures would necessitate cancelling the much-anticipated annual Harvest Festival, the amazing TCFD Integrated Arts team rolled up its collective sleeves and got to work – expanding the boundaries of fun. Never have the smiles been brighter and bigger across campus.Pumpkin Picking

The Integrated Arts team created an interactive 31-day Festival of Fall Fun with its own online platform for posting ideas and pictures. Each day had its own theme, along with a number of activities for teachers and residential associates to use in creating unique and individualized fun. Themes included virtual concerts, dance, STOMP, ZOOMBA, singing contests, history lessons, yoga, sound healing, crafting, and of course some of the classic favorites – modified pumpkin-picking, pumpkin decorating, and doorway and scarecrow design. The competition was fierce!

“Our 31 days of fall fun was highlighted by an incredible commitment to teamwork, creativity and enthusiasm as we embraced the autumn season with a robust list of fun activities for children and adults,” said Jim Cashen, TCFD Assistant Chief of Integrated Arts, “the platform allowed everyone to share ideas and post photos and videos that showcased everyone’s participation. In essence, the celebratory nature of a festival was maintained – virtually!”

Apple Picking“One of the highlights of my day is visiting the online platform we’ve been using to celebrate the 31 DAYS OF FUN.  It is truly heartwarming to see all of the wonderful, creative ways our students and residents have been joining in on the various activities and how our teams across The Center are making it happen.  It reminds me again and again that we are undeniably, TCFD Strong,” added Conio Loretto, Senior Director of Music Therapy, TCFD Integrated Arts Department.

Not to be outdone, Conio and Jim have been working on November which now has its own calendar – appropriately entitled “Harvesting Gratitude and Fun” month.