Our hearts are singing for our 2023 Graduates. No one works harder at accomplishing tasks – big or small –  than the students we serve here, including their entire support teams of Speech, Physical,  Occupational, and Music Therapists, Special and Adapted Physical Educators, Behavior and Recreational Specialists, Nurses and so many others.  So, when we gathered for our annnualn graduation celebration,  for the first time since the pandemic, it turned into a ceremony that will not be forgotten.

The little moments don’t get lost on us at The Center.  We cherish them. We watch in awe as students here discover who they are and take pride in new skills, accomplished tasks, creative endeavours, and frienships made.

On Graduation Day, as each student rose to accept their diploma, those little moments – stored away inside of every team and family member – bubbled to the surface and burst forth into infectious pride and joy. They are our stars.

TCFD’s Chief of Education, Kerri Muzuruk, said it best in these words to the graduates after the ceremony:

“As we gathered for graduation day to honor a group of extraordinary individuals, our Discovery Choir and a very talented student named Jack, played a rendition of “Long May You Run” by Neil Young.  This heartfelt melody speaks to the endurance and resilience we find within ourselves, no matter what challenges we face.”

Graduation marks a critical transition for TCFD students, as our President, Dr. Theresa Hamlin, shared in her commencement speech….this is the time to celebrate a momentous milestone and also marks the beginning of a transition for our students and their families as they prepare to move out of the comfort of The Center for Discovery and into their adult opportunities! Looking at the group of young adults that sat before me this day, I am confident that they are ready for what comes next! Our teams have not just provided an education—they have nurtured dreams, ignited passions, and equipped our students with the tools to conquer the world with resilience and determination.

“Graduates, as you step into the next chapter of your lives, I urge you to embrace the spirit of “Long May You Run.” Run with determination, run with passion, and run with the knowledge that you are capable of achieving greatness,” Muzuruk said. “Your journey has just begun, and I have no doubt that you will continue to amaze us all with your accomplishments.”