The Center for Discovery’s Day School program provides special education services to around 300 school age children, over 100 of whom are day (community) students.

Historically, The Center hosts one open house each year for community families. During this year’s open house, the first since the COVID-19 pandemic, families were provided with a tour of the school building and indoor and outdoor learning areas, including inclusive playground spaces.

Inside the classroom, teachers and clinicians guided families through various creative displays, daily routines, interactive demonstrations and activities, and more. These all brought each students’ achievements to life. “Parents who may not always feel as connected to the day-to-day activities at The Center were left with a deeper sense of partnership in their child’s education. It was a moment where the school and families came together, strengthening the bonds that are so crucial to a student’s success,” said Kerri Muzuruk, Chief of Education.

Despite the challenges that some of our community families face due to their distance from The Center, we were delighted to have a fantastic turnout across all community campuses. The commitment to providing all TCFD students with an enriching and inspiring educational experience was evident in every aspect of the event.

“Many parents and guardians shared with us their deep gratitude for the incredible team of educators and professionals who have played an integral role in nurturing their children’s growth. The dedication of The Center’s staff extends far beyond the classroom, and it is clear that they have touched the lives of so many students and their families in the most profound of ways,” mentioned Kerri.

“I hope that TCFD continues to offer this “Open House” event every year as an opportunity for parents to see firsthand how their children spend their days at school and who they interact with.  It is very easy to feel detached when your child goes to school an hour away and you feel so out of the loop.  I’ve always been very involved through PTO at the various schools in our district with my other children and have come to know very well the teachers and administrators in all of the buildings.  It’s never been the same with my son.  I knew that TCFD was a wonderful program and we knew he was very happy going, but last night opened our eyes to how welcoming and beautiful the entire campus is, as well as how friendly everyone was.  It’s no wonder he pulls us down the driveway every morning on his way to the bus.  We are so thankful to all of you for taking time out of your night to show us around and help us get a better understanding of what he does all day when he is at school.”

An excerpt from a TCFD parent

A heartfelt thank you and deep appreciation goes out to our education administrators, curriculum support team, teachers, and clinical teams who orchestrated a truly delightful Open House for The Center’s students. Everyone’s hard work and passion have created an atmosphere of pride, partnership, and learning here at The Center.