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Last Updated February 16, 2024



What It Is

Individualized experiences that pair music with naturally occurring or facilitated movements to stretch, relax, and/or enliven the body.

Why We Do It

Staff Testimonial: “The positive energy, collaboration, and enthusiasm that are shared by participants, residential staff, and the Integrated Arts team have been immeasurable. We began working with people who were perceived as either not wanting to participate or not being able to participate because of excitement and arousal levels. Through small steps — including private 1:1 sessions in different locations, movement in special positioning equipment, small group sessions, mixing movements into a preferred activity such as an outdoor walk, and lots of encouragement — these perceptions have been changed. Each day, they have the choice to participate, and more times than not, they are willing to join some or all of the session. We facilitated the program 2-3 times per week for 14 weeks, and I cannot think of a single person who didn’t have at least one breakthrough moment. Each day we were rushing to grab the camera to capture the energy, but the photos and videos do not do those moments justice.”

MoveIt! Training

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