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Sound Healing

Last Updated February 16, 2024



What It Is

Drawing upon the vibrations and frequencies of select musical instruments to calm the mind and body.

Why We Do It

Based on the idea that every existing thing teems with its own signature set of vibrations, Sound Healing uses instruments with especially pure and resonant tones — gongs, crystal bowls, chimes, tuning forks, and the harp — to bring the frequencies radiating from a person into harmony. Beyond the specialty instruments, what distinguishes a Sound Healing session is something as invisible as music but just as affecting: the belief that everything making noise in the room, instruments and participants alike, has something crucial to contribute. The expert practitioner respects that the sounds are as alive as the people, each with its own peculiar texture and way of moving through the air. Indeed, one of the gifts of Sound Healing is that against the backdrop of such an otherworldly orchestra, no response to the music can possibly seem strange. Unlike a concert hall where only applause might be accepted, any sound the audience makes here — humming, whistling, staying silent — simply multiplies the diversity of the soundscape. In the context of a day where there might be vigilant measuring and monitoring, Sound Healing offers a moment of contrast. Lying down in the middle of a room with nothing else asked of them, people have the space to hear and be healed.

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Sound Healing Training

Give It A Try

While the effects of Sound Healing are at their most powerful when you can feel the vibrations for yourself, we’ve recorded the four sessions below in order to transmit this experience to as many people as possible. To prepare, find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and ease into a position you can sustain for the duration of the video (lying down on a yoga mat, sitting against a wall, resting on a bean bag). If you have the chance to listen alone, we recommend using headphones so you can surround yourself with sound.

Sound Healing: Gong Bath Video (9 minutes)

Sound Healing: Crystal bowls Video (12 minutes)

Sound Healing: Full Sound Healing Session (20 minutes)

Sound Healing: Full Session Video (25 minutes)