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The Center for Discovery® | 2021 Annual Report

Letter from The Center for Discovery CEO


Dear Friends,

It has been a year of incredible strength and constant grace here at The Center for Discovery®. We have been mapping a grand vision of the future, and at the same time, remained vigorously focused on the present.

We have known since the start of the pandemic that how we respond now will help shape plans to safeguard our community from any threats to the health of those we care at The Center for Discovery. Our care for the present and eye on the future has made

us not only the gold standard of care and education for complex children and adults in the state, but across the nation and perhaps the world.

This year our residents, students, and staff stayed safe and healthy. We instituted an extensive vaccination program and careful safety protocols. But, we also lived life to the fullest. We never stopped learning. Exploring. Innovating. Creating. We simply didn't stop - and all of this led us to moments of true wonder.

I have always felt that we have the best, most intelligent, giving staff anywhere. Yet, I am astounded more and more every day by what I see across our campus. The depth of the benevolence and dedication of the 1,700 teachers, associates, clinicians, psychologists, nurses, music and art therapists, farmers, nutritionists and so many more professionals who work here is simply remarkable.

To keep our core - our staff - truly well, we have been actively and creatively adding to our large benefits portfolio, as well as focusing on recruitment and retention in new and innovative ways. We have a new Development and Endowment Committee seeking out potential donors to support our staff in more profound ways - and convincing them to help us create a robust Center for Discovery of the future – particularly when we are seeing new levels of complexity at even younger ages.

This year we also realized our dream to build a one-of-its-kind Children's Specialty Hospital where the world's best doctors, nurses, clinicians, and educators will come together to develop treatment plans for the most difficult and complex cases that will help families put their lives back together again. It is our dream to see the end of protracted hospital stays for these individuals. We know how to help them.

This year we saw this dream begin to rise out of the ground in Rock Hill, New York. There couldn't be a better time. It is a symbol of our hope. Our optimism. And our promise to our community to never stop working to enrich the lives of those who need us most.

Ciao, Patrick H. Dollard


The magic that happens here is because we see the individuals we care for as unique people that have remarkable energy. You just have to find it. You don't contain it. It's that kind of genius we have with our staff.

CEO, Patrick H. Dollard


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The Center for Discovery® | 2021 Annual Report

Letter from Center for Discovery CEO, Patrick H. Dollard

Letter from Center for Discovery President, Dr. Theresa Hamlin

Board of Directors


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Children’s Specialty Hospital


Physical Therapy



Speech Therapy

Adult Residential


Animal Assisted Intervention and Education

Pediatric Residential


Food Exploration and Discovery

Discovery Health Center


Assistive Technology

Occupational Therapy



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Integrated Arts

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Strategic Outreach and Partnerships


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Government and Organizational Partnerships

Academic and Research Partnerships








The Center for Discovery® | 2021 Annual Report


Our mission is to build a compassionate and connected community with cutting- edge care and education for the most medically complex individuals. Our team of innovators come from diverse disciplines in the fields of education, research, medicine, nutrition, farming, and the arts. Utilizing the latest science, data, and analytics, The Center for Discovery® has built a model that aims to improve health and enrich life for all.

04 2021

The Center for Discovery® | 2021 Annual Report

Letter from Center for Discovery President


Dear Supporters,

It has truly been a time of gratitude for all those who worked tirelessly and for those who supported us through the pandemic.

During this past year, we executed an extensive vaccination program for our 1,700 staff members, families, and nearly 340 residents. We developed our own in-house digital data capture system. We studied trends and crunched data from our program, the county, state, and the nation. We followed this data and adjusted every aspect of our daily life to reduce infections and to keep people healthy. It allowed us to safely get back to full in-person learning,

and family visits. And, it kept us ahead of the curve when infections were rising and we needed to further protect our residents, students, and staff with additional personal protective equipment (PPE), testing, booster shots, and more.

In 2021, our nurses administered more than 1,400 vaccinations and performed nearly 8,000 COVID-19 tests. Their compassion sparked deep, meaningful camaraderie, greater creativity and innovation in all of us. In many ways, this year was one of our best in our history. We owe a debt of gratitude to our nurses, direct care staff, teachers and assistant teachers, medical staff, clinicians, administrators, and support staff for their efforts in making sure everyone was safe, well cared for, and thriving. No request was too much. No shift change or unfamiliar job was insurmountable. We simply did not know the word “no.” And, as a result, we thrived through one of the most difficult times in our history. We did not lose a single person to the virus – Extraordinary!

Most of all, what we saw this past year in incredibly moving ways was that there is no staff anywhere like ours. Despite the pressure they were under living through a pandemic with their own families, they provided a level of care that was unsurpassed anywhere. I am proud and humbled by of all of our children, adults, staff, and the many families, who never hesitated, rose to each challenge, and did their part in battling this unrelenting pandemic.

In the pages ahead you will read about our efforts to keep our staff safe, happy, and healthy with greater benefits and the highest salaries in the region for direct care workers. You will read about all of our talented teams and how they flip the word “impossible” into “possible” on a daily basis. You will feel our drive, passion, and determination to enrich the lives of those we care for. You will be left with an understanding of the wonders that happen at The Center for Discovery.

As we begin to fill our social calendars with cherished community events again, it is also time to bring our knowledge and experience to communities outside our region. We have begun that mission with the groundbreaking of our new Children's Specialty Hospital which will not only touch the lives of those with complex disabilities in New York State, but it will be a national and international model of care and assessment. The increasing number of families with children with complex conditions will benefit greatly from our expertise in healthcare, wellness, and education. The time is now. We celebrate 2021 and look forward with optimism to the future.

With Gratitude, Dr. Theresa Hamlin


For our son Martin, The Center is almost like living with family - it's the closest thing to being at home, and that means the world to us and to everyone who loves him. He interacts joyfully with the peers in his house; he has a social life. The Center is built for people like Martin, when so much of the world is built to exclude people like him. At The Center, he enjoys unique experiences and he has supportive, loving, and skilled staff who help him reach his potential.

- Tim Ross and Anna Kornilakis


The Center for Discovery® | 2021 Annual Report

Patrick H. Dollard, CEO The Center for Discovery®

Edward C. Sweeney, Chairperson Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Edward Giancontieri, Vice Chairperson Manager, ShopRite Stores (Retired)

Nelly Bly-Arougheti, Vice Chairperson Author/Editor

William C. Myslinski, Ph.D., Treasurer Principal, Economists Inc.

Michael Dubilier, Secretary Managing Director, Dubilier & Company

Ellen Alemany, Director

Vice Chairwoman of First Citizens

Norman Feinberg, Director

President and Chief Executive, Gateside Corporation

Joel S. Forman, Esq., Director Partner, Akerman LLP

Malcom J. Harkins III, Esq., Director Distinguished Health Law Scholar, Center for Health Law Studies, St. Louis University School of Law

Nancy McElroy, Director School Principal (Retired)

John R. Milligan, Director President, Banking Industry (Retired)

Eileen Naughton, Director

Former Vice President of People Operations at Google

Aidan Quinn, Director Actor

Arthur L. Thompson, CFA, Director Senior Vice President – Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors

Kevin Fee, Director

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Castlerock Asset Management

Allison Vella, Director

Director of Admissions, Saint David's School

“In the midst of a pandemic, TCFD has managed to lead in a time of crisis,


all while fortifying its future. The organization provides a standard of care

for children and adults with complexities that is second to none.”


– Edward C. Sweeney, TCFD Chairperson





A Year of...




A Year of Launching Our Dream

With the development of our Children's Specialty Hospital, The Center for Discovery is realizing a dream to help children with complex conditions, such as autism, in profound ways.

The 18-bed hospital, under construction in Rock Hill, New York, is designed as a short-term intensive assessment and treatment facility. Championed by US Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and supported by an unprecedented $35 million low-interest loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), it will bring together under one roof, a world-renowned team of physicians, clinicians, educators, and other experts to revolutionize care and education for those with the most intense needs.

Often, these individuals bounce from doctor to doctor or linger in hospital emergency rooms for months without a proper home – or individualized care. We anticipate that most of the children we treat at the new hospital will return home to their families and will re-integrate into their school districts and communities, and avoid expensive, long-term state-run residences. This model will bring 400 new healthcare and construction jobs to our rural county, save the state of New York millions of dollars each year, and help keep families together.


Our Children's Specialty Hospital will also be the first stop for families who have just received a diagnosis like autism who will now have a place to turn. Our team will conduct a complete examination and develop a


treatment and education plan for each family to implement with their caregivers and in their school district

when they return back home.



“…These kids will get the care they need early, and it will be better care, and at the end of the day – cost less. What could be better than that?”

– Senator Chuck Schumer


A Year of Creativity, Cooperation, and Courage

It has been a year of creativity, cooperation, and courage in our Education Department.

Creativity…as the teachers continued to provide a quality education under some of the most challenging circumstances! Within the walls of the classrooms we continued to see great joy, impressive incorporation of technology, and a dedication that is unmatched.

Cooperation…as all of our departments came together to ensure continuity and care to this vulnerable group of students.

Courage…of every staff in the face of unpredictable circumstances and each student as they navigated an

ever changing daily rhythm.

By Kerri Muzuruk, M.S. Ed., Chief of Education

Total Number of Students:











A Year of Joy and Achievement

It has been a year of joy and achievement in our Adult Residential Program.

Through year two of the pandemic, we designed new movement and exercise opportunities that allowed us to be in safe, small groups immersed in our stunning natural setting here in the Catskill Mountains including: maple-tree tapping, apple-picking, hiking, gardening, farm activity, and animal care.

In collaboration with our Integrated Arts Department, we also brainstormed new ways to move and regulate energy indoors via a hybrid platform of in-person and Zoom classes in music, dance, theater, and more. The


unprecedented resiliency of our residents and staff has led to moments of true joy and many marvels.

By Alyce Sherwood, Chief of Adult Residential Program

Number of





Number of








A Year of Trust and Flexibility

It has been a year of trust and flexibility in our Pediatric Residential Program.

In year two of the pandemic, we all had to dig deeper, and trust each other in our very carefully charted path through COVID-19.

That trust led to true benevolence and heroism across campus. A great example could be seen in one house where a Program Educator not only stepped in for a sick colleague, he volunteered to switch residences for a few weeks to care for and support the residents during a very uncertain time.

Along with deep trust, greater flexibility was another silver lining for the residential team in 2021. We looked for and found new and different opportunities at every turn to keep our residents moving toward their goals – of

greater independence and better communication - and always finding joy along the way.

By Danielle Carlsen & Donald Santiago, Chiefs of Pediatric Residential Program

Number of





Number of








A Year of Synergy and Accomplishment

It has been a year of synergy and accomplishment at the Discovery Health Center.

The clinic staff worked in partnership with the Nursing team on a widespread COVID-19 vaccine initiative that was made available for all 1,700 TCFD employees and 330 residents, as well as families and friends. In total, the clinic – together with Nursing - administered 3,126 vaccines.

The clinic was granted a NYS Limited Service Laboratory certification, which allowed clinical staff to perform expanded basic diagnostic testing, including: 6,935 Rapid Covid Antigen tests, 955 Covid Molecular RNA tests, as well as process 89 samples for lab-based PCR testing.

The use of Telehealth technology was critical to maintaining the overall health of our residents during this time. Our designation as a Level 3 NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) for the 10th consecutive


year allowed continuation of our unique team-based, coordinated whole-person approach to acute and

chronic medical and mental health care and prevention.




in 2021






A Year of Tremendous Opportunity

It has been a year of tremendous opportunity in our Occupational Therapy Department.

Through seasons of great change, we have eagerly stepped out of our comfort zone to the enormous benefit of our residents, students, colleagues, and ourselves. We extensively explored technology, and produced several videos distributed globally on the topics of high and low-tech interactive access to music, ways to creatively design and adaptively use playground equipment, and how to build multi-sensory spaces.

In the midst of worldwide uncertainty, TCFD OTs have grown stronger and more determined to find ways to

enhance the lives of those with complex conditions – on our campus and around the world.

By Rebecca Santiago, MS, OTR/L, Director of Occupational Therapy



Pediatric Occupational Therapy Sessions Conducted

in 2021







Therapy Sessions


in 2021




A Year of Partnership and Growth

It has been a year of partnership and growth in our Physical Therapy Department.

Regulating our energy is one of the pillars of our program here at TCFD. In 2021, we moved a lot - and in ways previously unimaginable.

We partnered with our Assistive Technology (AT) group to build wall exercise stations in our homes so our residents could work out while standing or seated in a wheelchair. We teamed up with our Animal Assisted Intervention and Education (AAIE) staff and brought our rabbits and miniature horses into some adult residences for innovative treatment sessions.

We worked on functional movement on the farm with our residents and students, and then presented our


collaborative work at the Pediatric Physical Therapy Annual Conference. At TCFD – we always move forward!

By Mary Delia Mahon, PT, MSPT, Director of Physical Therapy



Pediatric Physical Therapy Sessions Conducted


in 2021




Adult Physical Therapy Sessions Conducted

in 2021


A Year of Collaboration

It has been a year of collaboration in our Speech Therapy Department.

As the pandemic and time away from the classroom highlighted the urgent need for the carryover of lessons into every facet of life, we emphasized the education of our colleagues as well as of our families. Our trainings included how to build structured language development activities into daily home schedules and how to ensure skills get repeated outside of therapy.

This has also been a year of seamlessly working with our peers in Occupational Therapy and Assistive & Rehabilitation Technology to design and build “Makers Kits” – which provide accessible STEM experiences for everyone like creating a working musical instrument out of cardboard, aluminum foil, and a Makey Makey circuit board device.

Collaboration = growth at TCFD!

By Maria Landon, M.S., CCC-SLP, Director of Speech Therapy


Pediatric Speech Therapy Sessions Conducted in 2021




Adult Speech Therapy Sessions Conducted in 2021



A Year of Growth and Advancement

It has been a year of growth and advancement in our Animal Assisted Intervention & Education Department.

In 2021, we doubled our handler teams with clinicians from every area. We added to our growing animal family which now includes: 7 full-size horses, 8 miniature horses, 9 goats, 5 facility dogs, and 8 rabbits. We expanded our infrastructure and developed one and two year training programs.

Because of this growth, our residents and students now have more opportunities to engage with our animals all day long in the classroom or a therapy session, out in the barn or on the farm, while involved in an outdoor activity and so much more. These meetings unlock interest, participation, and new found confidence.


By Sarah Merrick, MS, OTR/L, CPDT-KA, Clinical Director of Animal Assisted Intervention and Education,

Occupational Therapist, & Certified Professional Dog Trainer



AAIE Program Animals,

Therapeutic Visits in 2021

Participating in over 5,000




“I love to see the residents get closer to reaching their goals. I love to see the staff supporting them and cheering them on. It's a special place where you realize that the little things in life are really big.”

- TCFD Staff


A Year of Grit and Adaptability

It has been a year of grit and adaptability in our Food Exploration and Discovery Program (FED).

Our FED team works daily with students and residents who have issues related to food and mealtime in clinic, school, and home settings.

In 2021, telehealth technology was a decisive factor in our success of decreasing stress and anxiety around meals, improving relationships to food, and increasing variety which in turn boosts nutritional intake and wellness. This platform produced an intimacy and strong bond between our parents, clinicians, and students as they worked together doing exercises, playing games, making food art, training, and strategizing.

One 5-year old boy receiving weekly telehealth services from a FED clinician moved from gagging and getting upset when faced with new foods to eating foods from every food group – including fruits and vegetables. Meals are now a stress-free healthy time for the whole family. That is just one example of the kind of life


changing work we are doing every day.

By Jessica Piatak, Co-Coordinator, and Kristina Carraccia, MS, CCL-SLP, Senior SLP & Co-Coordinator of FED



Outpatient & FED

Provided in 2021

Telehealth Sessions





A Year of Expansion and Evolution

It has been a year of expansion and evolution in our Assistive Technology Department.

In 2021, three incredible divisions, Innovation Labs, Rehabilitation Technology, and Seating & Mobility, were united on our Rock Hill campus with one goal – to bring great ideas to market that will enrich the lives of our community.

This year, we partnered with Flint Rehab Devices on our instant wheelchair-powering device, IndieGo™. We received our first-ever IEC 62368 (consumer grade electronic device) product certification for our Play Wireless Switch Interface and expect manufacturing in 2022.

We produced and tested two versions of a Universal Tool Grabber for our students and residents. We also filmed and edited more than 100 videos for our Integrated Arts and Clinical teams to educate, train, and engage our residents, students, staff, families, and colleagues around the world.

Our work at Assistive Technology is where creative ideas impact our complex community in big ways - every


By Lindsey Veety, PT, DPT, ATP/SMS, Director of Assistive Technology



3,2 0

Rehab and

Work Orders

Assitive Tech




A Year of Endurance and Teamwork

It has been a year of endurance and teamwork in our Nursing Department.

In 2021, we worked in tandem with our Article 28 Discovery Health Center to plan and execute an extensive COVID-19 vaccine program available for all 1,700 TCFD employees, and 330 residents. By year-end, 1,381 staff received their full dose of vaccinations, including boosters, on campus and 96% of residents were fully vaccinated.

A small group of nurses also operated and staffed the COVID hotline for both families and staff, fielding upwards of 160 calls a day during periods of surges. Our leadership studied the national, state, and our own campus data hour-by-hour, and we educated, informed, and altered policy in real time. We became a model for other organizations caring for those with complex conditions.

Through it all, our nurses were a unified front of preparedness, health, and wellness. They cared for the most medically-complex residents and students, and they did it with Herculean strength. They were our light


throughout the storm.

By Susan Sayers, MSN, RN, Chief of Nursing









A Year of Finding Wonder

It has been a year of finding wonder in everyday moments in our Integrated Arts Department.

In 2021, we danced everywhere. We serenaded our residents and students with our Traveling Troubadours group. We held outdoor concerts and in-person Sound Healing and Music Therapy sessions. We listened to virtual professional concerts and performed virtual musical productions.

We joined our colleagues in every corner of The Center and planned adventures – sailing on the Hudson, picking apples and pressing cider, planting, yoga, hiking, biking, Track & Field Day and seasonal festivals like the Winter Solstice.

We got our hands dirty. We smiled. We laughed. We fostered community and wellness. And we witnessed miracles – every day.

and Jim Cashen, Assistive Chief of Integrated Arts

By Conio Loretto, MS, LCAT, MT-BC, Senior Director of Music Therapy


4,9 0





and Small Group




A Year of Empowerment

It has been a year of empowerment in our Psychology Department.

During the second year of the pandemic, it became more critical than ever for us to create an empowered environment for our students and residents. Listening was our key. We became particularly attuned to all communication, verbal and non-verbal, and honored the choices of our residents and students. We taught coping skills for a very unpredictable world. And, we extended our teaching to our colleagues and families with individualized support and classes in guided meditation and mindfulness.

In 2021, our staff also continued to build upon our reputation as innovative leaders in the fields of psychology and behavior analysis, presenting at the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) virtual


conference and preparing our Lab School research for a symposium in 2022.

By Dr. Johanna Lantz, Chief of Psychology









Hours of Direct Services to Students

and Residents in 2021


A Year of Boosting Immunity


It has been a year of boosting immunity for our Department of Nourishment Arts (DNA).

We've always known that good health begins with your fork. In 2021, the pandemic further highlighted the vital need for our Seed to Belly® organic whole-food, nutrient-dense dietary program. It is a priceless tool to strengthen the immune systems of our residents, students, and staff.

Our DNA team headed to the kitchen, reworked some recipes and created new menus. We teamed up as never before with our farmers, orchardists, and animal husbandry experts to utilize all of our resources and

nourish - truly nourish - everyone. We succeeded. Today – we are all healthier and stronger.

By Jennifer Franck, MS, RD, CDN, Assistant Chief of the Department of Nourishment Arts®





Meals Provided

to Staff, Residents,

Students, and


Children in 2021




A Year of Bounty

It has been a year of bounty for our Farming Operations Department. 2021 was a banner year for our Food Is Medicine® approach to healthy living and optimal nutrition.

Our farm team harvested our largest potato, onion, and apple crops to date. At least 22,000 pounds of potatoes and 16,000 pounds of onions went from Seed to Belly® (our version of farm-to-table) around campus and into 300 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) homes as well.

With almost 50 different fruits and vegetables grown in our soil, we were well nourished, but the apples were the stars. Over 40,000 pounds (50 field bins) of every variety were picked by the 1,200 students and residents in our care, and transformed into pies, applesauce, dried apple rings, and 500-gallons of fresh cider and



vinegar. A banner year for Thanksgiving Farm®, indeed!

By Greg York, Director of Farming Operations



lbs of potatoes

0 16,



lbs of Onions

0 40,

lbs of Apples



A Year of Fortitude and Steadfastness

It has been a year of fortitude and steadfastness in our Life Safety & Security, Transportation & Earth Care Department.

Quietly, this small but mighty team works through the rains of spring, heat of summer, crisp cold of fall, and bitter snow and ice of our winters here in Catskills. All hours of the day and night, our unsung heroes make sure we can get to our campus, and that it is safe, secure, and beautiful.

In 2021, our Security team patrolled our 1,500 acre campus non-stop. At the same time, our 4 person Transportation (Rideshare) team, supported by our Fleet Maintenance group, drove almost 85,000 miles making nearly 20,000 trips to and from staff homes, doctor's appointments, clinical visits and more – saving employees an estimated $548,576.

The Earth Care team meanwhile shoveled, fenced, landscaped, built stonewalls, paved, excavated, cleaned, and repaired the 12 miles of roads, walkways, lawns and flowerbeds of our campus every day. Unwavering


By Marc Floyd, Vice President of Support Services

Rideshare P


Saved Staff Nearly


$ 50,



in Taxi Cab

Fares in 2021




A Year of Resiliency and Tenacity

It has been a year of resiliency and tenacity in our Admissions and Transition team.

In the midst of year two of the pandemic and changing policies and guidelines, our team welcomed 22 children into our Pediatric Residential Program and 17 community day school students representing fourteen school districts. In total, we had 330 adult and pediatric residents and 133 community day students.

Our work took us into unprecedented territory in 2021 as we supported our colleagues in the classroom, in residences and during family visits. We created a Family Infoline to provide up-to-the-minute information and support and continue to field questions and provide data and guidance seven days a week/twelve hours a



By Kaitlin Haas, MPA, Vice President of Admissions



into our Pediatric

Children Admitted

in 2021

Residential Program


Community Students Admitted into Our Day School Program in 2021



A Year of Ingenuity

It was a year of ingenuity in our People Operations Department.

At a time in our history when there was a nationwide shortage of direct care workers and a pandemic-related shift in the workforce, our team explored and utilized every resource available to make TCFD the best place in the region to work.

In 2021, we worked in tandem with our Benefits Department to ensure our pay rates remained the highest in the county, and we offered the most robust benefits package, alongside a flexible and comprehensive orientation program. Other programs included: TCFD Cares, for emergencies like assistance to help pay for gas or groceries, and tuition assistance for continuing Bachelor, Master and Doctorate-level education in fields like Health Informatics, Strategic Leadership, Psychology, Special Education, Palliative Care and more.

Advertisements on local radio and via social media added a dimension and new audiences to our hiring process this year. A vigorous 3-tiered employee reward-referral program with lucrative cash payouts and prizes proved extremely successful in increasing applications and new hires – even for difficult evening and

night shifts. The Center for Discovery remained an inspiring workplace to build a career.

By Amanda Ward, Chief, Division of People Operations and Educational Sustainability






Hired in






A Year of Enrichment

It has been a year of enrichment in our Benefits & Wellness Department. At TCFD, our staff mean everything to us.

In 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, we transitioned from a traditional fully-insured medical contract to a self- funded healthcare structure. This change helped us institute Wellness and Nursing coaches who were available around-the-clock.

We also worked diligently to elevate the experience of our employees by adding more life-changing programs to our benefits portfolio including the extensive mind-body wellness platform BurnAlong and the financial wellness service FutureFuel.io, and produced a new comprehensive Employee Benefits Handbook.

We listen to our staff. And, we respond – in 2022 adding Juneteenth to our company holiday calendar to


commemorate the end of slavery in the United States.

By Casey Baez, VP Benefits & Wellness



to Employees' Health

Increase in Contributions

for 12th Consecutive Year

Insurance Premium Costs





A Year of Being Proactive

It was a year of being proactive in our Operations and Facilities Department.

Our Operations team worked day and night during year two of the pandemic to stay ahead of the curve on personal protective equipment (PPE), disinfection, and cleaning and sanitation protocols.

The team created a daily tracking system for each category of PPE which included variables like projected “burn-rate,” risk level of campus based on population, and daily pandemic data from the county and state. Good relationships with businesses in our field allowed us to procure the massive amounts of PPE necessary for 1,700 staff members.

In addition to PPE, the Operations team ensured commercial-grade HVAC Merv 11 filters were pretreated with hospital-grade disinfectant and changed every 21 days across campus. In 2022, TCFD is in a safer, healthier, more prepared place than any other organization caring for those with complex conditions. It all started with

preventive planning.

By David Fanslau, Vice President for Operations & Administration



254, 50


in 2021

Face Masks




A Year of Realizing Dreams

It was a year of realizing dreams in Hurleyville, NY.

In 2021, our longtime goal of providing our staff with an educational alternative for their children reached fruition with the opening of the Homestead School's new Collaborative College High School (CCHS).

Anchored right in the center of town, the SUNY Sullivan and Homestead School venture uses a Montessori approach to blend high school and early college education. CCHS currently offers grades 7-10 and will add on 11th and 12th grades in the next two years.

The Center proudly offers scholarships to staff who wish to send their children to this unique program with options for dual enrollment at SUNY Sullivan College, with the opportunity to receive an Associate's degree upon high school graduation.

CCSH is a vibrant addition to a truly inclusive hamlet which already boasts three of our residential homes right on Main Street. This year, new apartments, storefronts, and a celebrity chef-owned restaurant were also added, as well as an extension to the accessible Rail Trail for hiking, biking, running, cross country skiing, and


snowshoeing. Always moving forward here at TCFD!

By Helena le Roux Ohm, Ph.D., Vice President of Strategic Partnerships



Students Enrolled in

CCHS’s Inaugural Year




In the short time that our daughter has been attending the CCHS, we have seen a renewed love of learning and a substantial growth in her confidence… Each student's individuality is appreciated and encouraged... She is now self-motivated and looks forward to going to school each day, and we cannot thank the CCHS enough.

Carmen Williams, Development Specialist at TCFD

The Center for Discovery® | 2021 Annual Report


A Year of Record Level Philanthropy

It has been a year of record philanthropy for The Center for Discovery.

It is evident – more than ever – that a robust endowment is needed to safeguard The Center from external crisis, government funding cuts, future pandemics, and more. So in 2021, the Development team continued to advance its endowment campaign to further strengthen and secure The Center's financial future – including its incredible staff, residences, farms, organic and biodynamic food, science and research, and therapeutic and life experiences.

With contributions from donors, foundations, and various government entities, The Center's development efforts in 2021 via the Office of Strategic Outreach and Partnerships (SOAP) secured record levels of support. We received our largest-ever contribution to The Center's endowment fund, our year-end campaign secured nearly triple the amount from 2017, and total overall philanthropy increased by over 200% in a five-year period.

The Center's Thanksgiving Society, our first-ever planned giving effort, launched and attracted support from families and friends of TCFD who wish to leave a lasting and impactful legacy.

To support The Center's philanthropic efforts or to discover various ways to give, contact the Office of


Strategic Outreach and Partnerships via email at strategicoutreach@tcfd.org or by phone at 845-707-8509.

By Gabrielle Scott, Vice President of Development


Total Overall


by Over



2 0%



in a 5-Year Period

-_-: ,



A Year of Communication and Advancement

It has been a year of robust communication and advancement within the Office of Strategic Outreach and Partnerships (SOAP).

In 2021, the team continued its communication strategy to effectively deliver vital information to both families, staff, and external audiences. Our team expanded to Rochester, New York, with the opening of a new office location, helping to grow The Center's statewide network of partners and donors, while also serving as an important foundation for The Children's Specialty Hospital outreach. In addition to our main office on campus, SOAP also continues to maintain offices in Hurleyville, New York and in New York City.

Our work early in the year with state and federal lawmakers helped secure significant pandemic-related funding from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and a groundbreaking low interest USDA loan for the upcoming Children's Specialty Hospital.

By the end of the year, our office had secured renewed funding from several foundation partners, as well as applied for two significant new grant opportunities that were recently awarded – a Community Development Block Grant for agency-wide enhanced air purification, and a grant from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation for additional construction on the Children's Specialty Hospital, both in the amounts of $2 million dollars.

Our goal remains – to highlight The Center for Discovery as the nation's most prominent thought-leader in the field of complex care, because as we firmly believe, “what happens here, matters everywhere.”

The Center continues to be encouraged by renewed support from private foundations, corporations, and individuals, and we have seen significant growth in our pipeline as more and more people become aware of


the profound nature of our work. We are honored to work together to promote TCFD.

By Michael Rosen, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Communications





Secured via Private Foundations,

and Philanthropic Partners

Government Entities, Corporations,








Michael Rosen

Executive VP, Marketing & Strategic Communications

Helena Le Roux Ohm, Ph.D.

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Gabrielle Scott

VP of Development

Anna Kornilakis

Development Consultant

Courtney Gold

Director of Marketing

Jessica Calabrese

Development Manager

Carmen Williams

Development Coordinator

Dean McManus

Senior Graphic Designer

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Multimedia Specialist

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Graphic Designer


“As we look back at the compounding crises of the last few years, the health-related needs of vulnerable communities have only grown. Our grantees have demonstrated tremendous resilience, creativity, and dedication to serving those in need, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have such detrimental impact,”

Alfred F. Kelly, Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Visa and Chair of the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Board.



Government and Organizational Partnerships

Government Partnerships:

TCFD is a New York State designated Center of Excellence for complex disabilities, the largest Children's Residential Project (CRP) program in NYS, the preeminent leader in innovative models of care, and a participant in New York State’s Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program. Agency partners include:

*Regulatory Bodies

Organizational Partnerships:

The Center for Discovery® partners with various organizations to advance assistive technology, expand access to adaptive sports and recreation activities, support environmental and farmland conservation, and improve community health outcomes. Organizational partners include:






Government and






Academic and Research Partnerships

The Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) Empowerment Program at Georgia Tech

David Beversdorf, M.D., Professor of Radiology, Neurology, and Psychological Science, University of Missouri

Gari Clifford, Ph.D., Biomedical Informatics at Emory University and Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

John Ratey, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Kara Gross Margolis, M.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Columbia University; Pediatric Gastroenterologist, New York-Presbyterian/Columbia

Ruth Ann Luna, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pathology and Immunology, Baylor College of Medicine and Director of Medical Metagenomics, Texas Children's Hospital

Jeffrey Lombardo, PharmD, BCOP, Associate Director of the Empire State Patient Safety Assurance Network, Research Assistant Professor at the University at Buffalo

The Center for Discovery® has engaged in groundbreaking research for more than a decade. Current areas of study include: the development of Smart Homes and advanced technology to improve outcomes for adults with autism; the use of medical marijuana for drug-resistant epilepsy; and the advancement of data analytics to develop personalized medicine. Academic and research partners include:

Orrin Devinsky, M.D., Director of the NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center and the Saint Barnabas Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery (INN)

Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D., Co- founder, OMEGA Institute; CEO, Blue Spirit

Juergen Hahn, Ph.D., Professor & Department Head, Biomedical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Tor Savidge, PhD, Associate Professor, Pathology & Immunology and Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine and Principal Investigator, Neuroimmune-Microbe Interactions, Texas Children's Hospital

Rune Simeonsson, Ph.D., MS.PH., Professor and Chair of Psychology Department, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Sridevi Devaraj, PhD, DABCC, FAACC, FRSC, CCRP, Director, Clinical Chemistry and Point of Care Testing, Texas Children's Hospital

Terry Katz, Ph.D., Department of Pediatrics, University of Colorado School of

Nicole Withrow, Ph.D., MS, RD, Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Northern





Number of

& Pending):





Here at The Center, our commitment to providing forward-thinking education and cutting-edge care for individuals with complex conditions is rivaled only by our goal to respect and renew our natural resources and environment. We live in harmony with our beautiful Catskill Mountain region, and do so by advancing sustainability through organic and biodynamic farming, building design and architecture, renewable energy and energy efficiency, healthy indoor air quality, choice of green cleaning products, and meticulous use of all food and minimizing of waste.

Our efforts simply make our residents and our campus home – healthier.

The TCFD Discovery Health Center was the first U.S. healthcare facility to be registered with the U.S. Green Building Council, and the second such facility to receive the organization's Leadership in Energy and Environment (LEED) certification. The Center's Michael Ritchie Big Barn Center for Environmental Health and Education followed, and is also LEED Platinum certified.


Natural Environment and Education:

1981 - Birth to Five Symposium

Focused on the effects of

environmental toxins on infants in the womb

1995 - Nature-Based Curriculum

Nature-based school curriculum commences

1995 - Thanksgiving Farm® CSA Thanksgiving Farm® Community Support Agriculture (CSA) opens

2004 - Stonewall Preserve Farm Development

Sustainable development begins with Open Space Institute (OSI)

2006 - USDA Organic Certification Thanksgiving Farm® CSA receives USDA Organic Certification

2007 - Environmental Clean-Up

Clean-up of Sullivan County Department of Public Works (DPW) site in Harris, NY

2009 - Demeter Certification Thanksgiving Farm® receives Demeter Certification (Biodynamic)

2011 - Tutto Bene Farm

Addition of Tutto Bene Farm with Open Space Institute (OSI)

2013 - Sweet Hill Farm

Acquisition of Sweet Hill Farm

2013 - Rail Trail

Renovation of 9.2-mile accessible Rail Trail begins

2014 - Open Space Land Conservation Award

Award given to TCFD CEO, Patrick H. Dollard

2017 - Self-Sustaining Farm

TCFD becomes self-sustaining farm system


12% - Fundraising / Grants

4% - Day Habilitation

2% - Clinic

2% - Other Programs

24% - Education Program

54% - Pediatric / Adult Residential Program

2% - Investment Income

2021 Expenses and Revenue


15% - Other Than Personal Services


78% - Personal Services / Fringe to Support Programs

7% Depreciation / Amortization /



*These numbers have not been audited.


From the moment we drove up to The Center for Discovery, we knew this was the place for Heather and us as a family. Twenty three years later we still cannot believe how fantastic the Center is! Every person who works with Heather helps to give her confidence, independence and a life beyond what we thought possible.

- Nancy and Peter Saretsky


DIAMOND LEVEL - ($200,000+)

Michael Arougheti and Nelly Bly Arougheti Craig Chesley and Eileen Naughton Averell and Gigi Mortimer

Mother Cabrini Health Foundation Kenneth and Kim Raisler Matthew and Julie Richardson David and Jill Robbins

Paul and Maura Robinson The Spark Fund

The Taft Foundation

PLATINUM LEVEL - ($100,000 - $199,999)

Gail Gartenstein

In Memory of Victor Gartenstein Gerald and Janet Carrus Foundation Aidan and Elizabeth Quinn

Douglas Rodriguez and Caroline Bienstock Peter and Nancy Saretsky

Richard and Allison Vella Robert and Susan Wright

GOLD LEVEL - ($50,000 - $99,999)

JoAnn Atlas CIT Group, Inc.

In Honor of Ellen Alemany Jill Faber & Eric Shapiro The Connelly Family

Joseph Faber & Sumy Daeufer Google Matching Gifts Program

Fundraisers by Emma Chesley & Justin Forman Andreas Hildebrand and Katie Wright

Jeffery and Eva Kittay

The Kushlefsky/Weiner Family Benjamin and Carol Monderer The Seymour Foundation

SILVER LEVEL - ($25,000 - S49,000)

Lawrence Becker and Jane Weber DiMenna Foundation

Friends Of Will, Inc. Irwin Siegel Agency, Inc.

Mary and Kathleen Harriman Foundation Mary W. Harriman Foundation

Liliana Mostovoy

Vadim and Joann Mostovoy Scott and Randi Pomerantz Roma M. Karp Foundation, Inc. Daniel and Alison Singer Eugene Weiss

Ben and Terry Weshler


The Center for Discovery® | 2021 Annual Report

BRONZE LEVEL - ($5,000 - S24,999)

A1 Used Landscaping Equipment Corp. Daniel and Patricia Abelson

Katherine Adams and Duke Wiser Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation American Portfolios Holdings, Inc.

Bonita Beattie

Brooklyn Community Foundation Emma Chesley

Joan Chess and Ann Engelland Margaret Coffey

Elaine Corrington Robert and Ann Cowen Crystal Family Foundation

In Honor of Ashley Cuddy Law Firm, P.C,

The David R. and Patricia D. Atkinson Foundation In Honor of Arthur and Denise Thompson

Michael and Barbara deMarco John and Alicia DiCalogero James and Marianne Egan Ernst & Young LLP

In Honor of Ellen Alemany Filingeri Electrical Contracting Corp.

Joel Forman and Monica Belag Forman Geoffrey Garin and Debbie Berkowitz

In Honor of Tommy Michael Garin

Christopher and Susan George Gillette Creamery

Martin and Perry Granoff Diane Greble

Ari and Andrea Greenburg Harold and Bonnie Himmelman Hobson/Lucas Family Foundation Philip and Patricia Holland

Paul Hutter and Marguerite Wagner Hutter

The Hyman Levine Family Foundation: L'Dor V'Dor In Honor of Matthew

The John N. Blackman Sr. Foundation Glenn Kaplan and Evelyn Rodstein Steven and Cindy Kief

Thomas and Robyn Levine Sarah Lewis

Robert and Denise Lombardi

Long Island Employee Benefits Group Ltd. Jacqueline Mackay

Patrick Mackay Lena Maiorano

Stuart and Theresa Manzione Marsal Family Foundation Elliott and Bonnie Mayefsky Sabina McCarthy

Tony and Nancy McElroy John Milligan and Rob Gravis Gregory and Karen Montana Mutual of America

Matching Gift via Marguerite Wagner William and Barbara Myslinski Network for Good

Donations from various Facebook Family Fundraisers New York Life Foundation

Matching Gift via John and Vincent DiCalogero Stephen Ollendorff

RMG Real Estate Holdings Group In Honor of Emma

Michael and Jane Rosen Richard Rosen and Orly Adelson Timothy Ross and Anna Kornilakis

Laura Scherr Saggese and Edward Saggese Melissa Salten

Marti and Lisa Sassi Marjorie Schnader

James and Joanne Schoonmaker Vernon and Lynn Schwartz Alexei Smirnov

Regina Stem

In Honor of Zachary Dolores Storch

In Honor of the DeCarluccio Family Stuntz Family Foundation

In Honor of Zoe and Tommy David and Debra Sullivan William and Helen Travers Wilson and Emily Warren


When I think of The Center and the work we do, one word that comes to mind is strength. Our strength is the core of who we are. When times are hard, our strength sees us through.

When there are new ideas, programs to be implemented, or a different way of operating, the strength in our team makes it happen. When there is uncertainty, the strength of our leaders gives us hope and a sense of peace.

- Jennifer Wood, Assistant Chief, Pediatric Residential Program


“Dinner was delicious!” Stuey announced during our nightly call. In his 27 years of life, our son with autism had never said “delicious.” We wanted to drop the phone and start dancing.

Because of The Center's commitment to those for whom they care, Stuey continues to grow… to stop, look, listen, comment. He's moved to a higher level of calm, awareness and engagement that represents not only tremendous growth, but exhilarating hope for the long life ahead of him. And despite our endless expressions of gratitude to The Center for Discovery, we feel there simply are no means to adequately say, thank you.

- Terri and Stu Manzione

The Center for Discovery® | 2021 Annual Report

What Happens Here, Matters Everywhere.