TCFD Strong

The very best care – under any circumstances – even in crisis. That’s The Center for Discovery. That’s #TCFDstrong!

The love and compassion of The Center for Discovery family that is the staff, residents, students, and their parents, along with extended family members and supports, has never been more apparent than during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Every department sprang into action as the wave of cases spread west across the world.

For Teacher Associates, it meant moving from the temporarily vacant classrooms to the residences, and learning all the details and intricacies of each home and its occupants.

Our teachers, clinicians, and behavior specialists tackled the tremendous task of creating a new digital platform for all the at-home students who thrive on structure and routine, and learn in all different ways and on many different levels.

The nursing staff immediately started training everyone on the use of more stringent personal protective equipment (PPE) and monitoring closely the health of every staff member, as well as every resident. Cleaning supplies and other safety equipment were ordered and stocked by our support departments.

At The Center, we have a laser focus on good nutrition. Now, more than ever, that is important and so, our Department of Nourishment Arts® (DNA) team has fired up extra stovetops and ovens to ensure our staff as well as residents are eating a stress-busting, immune supportive, mostly plant-based whole foods diet – all day long.

Mental health support and strength is also critical at this time. We take stress and anxiety incredibly seriously at The Center. Our teams are making sure every caregiver at TCFD and home has immediate access to all Center COVID-19 updates, available resources, and more importantly – to professional assistance via special “hotlines” – set up for both staff and families.

We are family. And we’ve never been stronger. That’s the message in a new video, https://bit.ly/TCFDFamily, created by staff at The Center for Discovery.

“I am continually impressed by the compassion and care our staff demonstrate. Despite their own challenging circumstances at home, every staff member has come to work with enthusiasm, a plan to keep the student engagement to our typical standard, and has made an extra effort to be sure our students and adults do not feel the stress that they themselves are likely feeling, said Kerri Muzuruk, Chief of Education, Curriculum Design and Coordination, “The creativity, collaboration across all disciplines and consistent above and beyond efforts to keep everyone safe and happy is literally the reason I work at The Center for Discovery.”

That is The Center for Discovery.  We are #TCFDStrong.

To support The Center for Discovery during this unprecedented time, please reach out to the Office of Strategic Outreach and Partnerships at StrategicOutreach@tcfd.org.