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The study of the gut’s microbiome may soon become very high tech.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic are teaming up with the science and technology company Viome, to explore the relationship of specific foods to the gut microbiome and its larger role in conditions like obesity and sleep apnea.

The Mayo Clinic & Viome scientists will be using metatranscriptomic sequencing technology originally developed for national security, to identify strains of organisms. The technology will then leverage artificial intelligence to analyze the strains against disease and food.

Here at The Center for Discovery®, we have been actively researching the microbiome in our community of those with complex conditions, like autism. TCFD’s Associate Executive Director, Dr. Terry Hamlin, is pleased there is more research being conducted in this critical area of health; “Science is now beginning to understand just how important that gut microbiome and all its microbes are to our physical and mental health,” said Dr. Hamlin.

In the fall, scientists from The Center, Columbia-Presbyterian, and Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital, will be releasing results of their research and data into how the gut microbiome differs in individuals with autism who have other co-occurring conditions like anxiety, sleep problems, obesity, seizures and more. “We are examining how our diet here , a whole-food, mainly plant-based organic diet grown on The Center’s grounds, supports a healthy gut microbiome and positively impacts the behaviors and functioning of children with autism,” said Dr. Hamlin.

The TCFD study is the first to analyze autism using a multi-omics (biological analysis approach in which the data sets are multiple omes) approach. Potential associations of microbiome/metabolome profiles with related medical issues could revolutionize and individualize treatment.  “Its groundbreaking research could result in policy changes in support of better treatments for children and adults with autism,” adds Dr. Hamlin.

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