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Every day at The Center for Discovery, we are inspired by the dedication of our staff who put the needs of the children and adults we care for above all else.

We want to highlight for you our inspiring team who are at the frontlines, playing a vital role in our operations amidst this crisis.


James Shoop is one of almost 150 nurses at The Center for Discovery – a team larger than some local hospitals – who are responding immediately to the challenges of the pandemic.

As our pandemic plan unfolded over two months ago, James, without a moment’s hesitation, volunteered to work in a newly created residence with enhanced isolation techniques, which is being used as a transition residence, for individuals returning from hospitalization for the Coronavirus. James and the other staff in the house work around the clock in a rotating schedule to monitor residents for any COVID-19 related signs and symptoms. Every time James enters a room, he begins the process of putting on full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including an N-95 mask, surgical mask, face shield, gown, goggles, booties, gloves, and a hair net. When asked of how he manages his current role, James responded, “It can be scary, coming out of the hospital and in a new house, so when I enter someone’s room, I announce myself and use kind words. I’ll always say, ‘you can’t see it, but I’m smiling behind this mask’ and I almost always get a smile in return.”

TCFD Nurse in full PPE

Although anxieties are heightened for everyone during this time, James says his fears are reduced because of the proper PPE, training, and resources provided to staff, “I’ve been a nurse for more than 10 years and what is happening here, the resources and the help, far surpasses any place I have ever worked. It makes me proud to be a part of the team because no one does it alone, it is a team effort.”

James recounted a specific interaction that shows the true meaning of connection even in the age of physical distancing. “There was a staff member working in the transition house, who in their full PPE, placed their phone in a sanitized plastic bag, in order to facilitate a Skype call with a family. The resident’s mother was brought to tears.”

Every single day, the actions of our frontline employees are heroic. Our nursing team is dedicated to ensuring the physical and emotional health of everyone at TCFD. And despite challenging uncertainties, your generosity – now more than ever – has helped to ensure that our nursing team is properly equipped and successful in protecting the children and adults that we care for every hour of every day.

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