Upstate UCP Awards

Four Center for Discovery employees are now the proud recipients of a prestigious award for excellence and dedication, given by the Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State at its annual Conference this fall.

Here is a brief look at some of their outstanding work:

Frank Decker Jr. has been with The Center for Discovery since 2003. As the current Coordinator of Facilities, Frank “exemplifies the definition of dedication.” He is famous for his “how can I help you” accommodating personality, along with his calm demeanor. Add keen management skills to his repertoire and our agency has a smooth running vehicle resource department.

Natalie Knight began her work at TCFD in 2010. As a Senior Residential Associate, she inspires everyone around her with her depth of compassion and empathy. Her flexibility, creativity, and grace allow her to handle any situation with ease. She is a leader, mentor, supporter, and friend to all in our Adult and Pediatric Residential Programs and in our Day Habilitation Program.

Tracey Milucky is approaching her 25th Anniversary at The Center! She began working here in 1995. As a Special Education Teacher, she defines the TCFD philosophy of pushing boundaries, collaborating across disciplines, and continuously challenging both staff and students to grow in immeasurable ways. Her enthusiasm for education and her commitment to The Center, her students, and colleagues is infectious.

Leanne Rose arrived at TCFD in 2013. As the Coordinator of Quality Improvement, she is a trusted resource to all of The Center’s 1,700 employees, as well as the 1,200 residents and students and their families. She is an expert in the fields of corporate compliance, quality improvement, regulation and safety. She serves on several TCFD committees and leads the Center’s Employee Engagement program which aims to keep all staffers happy and healthy.

Richard Humleker, Vice President for Development at The Center for Discovery, says “We are very pleased with the recognition received by our remarkable staff members. Each of them makes a difference every day in the lives of children and adults we work with here at The Center. We know that at The Center, every single person in every department is critical. And, we want them to understand we truly appreciate their dedication. Frank, Natalie, Tracey, and Leanne all bring to their positions – energy, enthusiasm, compassion, and brilliance. We are so fortunate to be able to call them members of the TCFD family.”

Thank you to Frank, Natalie, Tracey, and Leanne for their collective 55 years of service to TCFD, and to the children and adults we serve.

Congratulations on the statewide recognition of your work!

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