Food, Farming and Nourishment Arts

Our Food is Medicine® Approach to Healthy Living

The Center for Discovery’s Department of Nourishment Arts, or DNA®, is a living model of our Food is Medicine® principle.  DNA recognizes that nutrient dense, clean, whole food is fundamental to realizing true health through optimal nutrition.  We bring together farmers, chefs, and nutritionists to ensure the food we provide, and its nutrition values, are maximized at every point along the food chain.  Our main focus is to harness the therapeutic power of food to create an internal environment for all bodies and brains to thrive.  Literally, quality care from the inside out.

DNA® is a groundbreaking approach to providing all individuals at The Center for Discovery – staff, students, and residents – with the ultimate whole foods experience.

DNA Leadership

Cesare Casella
Chief of The Department of Nourishment Arts

Jennifer Franck
Assistant Chief of The Department of Nourishment Arts

Peggy Parten
Executive Chef and Culinary Director

Greg York
Director of Farm Operations

Working Here

We have over 1,600 employees, many of whom started their careers with us and are now expert farmers, whole-food chefs, teachers, clinicians, doctors, and celebrated leaders. Our growing reputation for excellence has attracted talented staff from all over the world. The possibilities here are limitless - join our team today.