July’s featured DaVinci Master Chef* was famed chef, Deuki Hong, whose culinary career began at age 15. Chef Hong worked as a line cook under Aarón Sanchez at TriBeca hotspot, Centrico, prior to joining the Culinary Institute Of America. After graduating near the top of his class in 2009, Deuki cooked under David Chang at Momofuku Noodle Bar, before two years on the line at Michelin three-starred restaurant, Jean-Georges. A young chef who’s steadily risen to the top, Hong became executive chef of the smash-hit Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong in Manhattan’s Koreatown – a Korean barbecue chain founded by the rapper, Kang Ho-dong. In the past few years, he’s been recognized as an Eater Young Gun and named to the Zagat 30 Under 30 list. He also published “Koreatown: A Cookbook’, which he wrote alongside Matt Rodbard. Today, Chef Hong is the mastermind behind Sunday Bird, a fried-chicken joint, where he showcases his fun, Korean style.

Recently, The Center for Discovery®’s Department of Nourishment Arts®’ chefs had the opportunity to learn from Hong as he showcased two, insanely delicious recipes – Crock-Pot Kalbi Jjim (Beef Short Rib Stew), and various takes on Kimchi (think: cucumber, pineapple, bok choy). Fortunately, our DNA chefs made these same dishes, which were served in our employee café – for our sixth event, DaVinci Master Chefs Series Presents: the Food of Deuki Hong.

Thanks to to Chef Deuki Hong, he’s made these two recipes available for all to try. According to Hong, “for many Koreans, kalbi jjim is considered a special-occasion dish, the one Mom makes to celebrate big life achievements…” We know that this dish will soon be made for our residents, as a special treat! And, you might even be making this celebrated dish for your next occasion.

A huge thanks to Deuki Hong, for being a huge champion of The Center for Discovery® and its Department of Nourishment Arts® team.

*The DaVinci Master Chef program at The Center for Discovery® invites acclaimed chefs from around the world to engage with our community here, and to volunteer their time to share their knowledge with our own team of chefs in our Department of Nourishment Arts® (DNA). Through Chef Cesare Casella, Chief of DNA, this program brings together colleagues and masters in the culinary world, who admire the use of fresh food as a therapeutic tool. Each year, our DaVinci Master Chefs visit The Center to teach their recipes (based on products from our Thanksgiving Farm®), to our DNA chefs. Our chefs learn the recipes and techniques taught by the master chef, which they bring back to the residences to prepare in our kitchens. What happens next? Well, our culinary team enjoys an educational exchange with leading chefs who not only inspire creativity, but a new skillset, as well.

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