2019 Adventure Team Challenge

For 10 years, The Center for Discovery®, American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc. (AP)—a privately-held, independent broker/dealer which provides services and support to financial advisors throughout the country, and WORLD T.E.A.M. Sports, have been summiting Catskill peaks, rowing in regattas, biking, inspiring, and forging foreword to create lifelong memories. The culmination of this decade’s long partnership was ever-present this year as 17 Center for Discovery student and resident athletes enthusiastically accepted, and far exceeded, the challenge to participate in the 10th Annual Adventure Team Challenge.

The three-day series of athletic, recreational and outdoor events kicked off on Thursday, June 6th, with the inaugural pep really at the Discovery Clinic Field where students, staff, families, and volunteers all gathered for the beloved opening ceremonies. Of course, no opening ceremony would be complete without an electrifying performance by our TCFD Drumline and Dancers, consisting of staff from our Music Therapy department, along with students and residents.

“It is always so inspiring to see WORLD T.E.A.M and American Portfolios Volunteers first meet our students and residents at the opening ceremony. They immediately immerse themselves into the TCFD mission by showcasing the abilities and accomplishments of our children and adults,” said Chris Ellison, Development Specialist. Following the performances and opening remarks, teams of athletes and coaches performed a series of field activities including a tire pull, home run derby, 90ft head to head fun run obstacle course (graciously donated by our local friends, Party Master), a long toss, and dunk tank.

On day two, participants departed The Center for Discovery® for Frost Valley YMCA, located in Claryville, NY. Alongside coaches, volunteers, staff, and family members, athletes participated in an inclusive orienteering challenge where teams collectively used a compass to gather clues and navigate from point-to-point across unfamiliar terrain. Several athletes, harnessing the themes of the weekend, embarked upon a challenging cable wire bridge – a testament of ability, strength, bravery, enthusiasm, and trust. To celebrate and close the evening, the house was brought down with a concert song and dance series. With just one look inside the Frost Valley Chapel windows, one could see the contagious smiles, the enthusiastic cheers, the remarkable comradery, and the profound celebration – the magic that is Adventure Team Challenge and The Center for Discovery®.

On day three, athletes tackled a 6.3 mile and 1,706-foot summit to the top of Slide Mountain Trail – no small feat. “Witnessing the dedication, commitment and compassion amongst athletes to encourage each other, their families, coaches and volunteers, and high five at the top was inspiring, and we didn’t skip a beat on the way down,” said Chris. Following the hike, participants prepared for the final stage of the weekend, the regatta. Athletes, coaches, and volunteers had a chance to experience the water in a row boat, kayak, or Hobie Kayak, which is always one of the most exciting events.

“This year’s event was the most inclusive since the inception of this multi-day weekend a decade ago. Witnessing parents hiking up tall mountains with their children or watching them on the water and taking an active part in the multi-day event was inspiring. I remain filled with gratitude to our partners at WORLD T.E.A.M. Sports, American Portfolios and my Center for Discovery® Team,” said Jim Cashen, Assistant Chief of Integrated Arts at The Center.

An enormous thanks to the Recreation, Education, Residential, Nursing and Clinical teams at The Center for Discovery® for their dedication to this event. To our long standing partners at American Portfolios and WORLD T.E.A.M. who meet our passion to engage and empower – THANK YOU!

For more information about supporting our annual Adventure Team Challenge, please contact Richard Humleker, Vice President of Development, at