Adult Program

A Continuum of Care

The Center’s Adult Program features a continuum of residential opportunities for 165 adults, from age 21 to senior citizens, with complex disabilities and medical frailties, including those with a variety of aging issues. Our adult options range from 24-hour nursing residences, to five-bed homes on our renowned Thanksgiving Farm, as well as homes in our local towns.

The Center’s adult programs are designed to facilitate the independence and self-reliance of our residents to the greatest degree possible. We strive to emphasize personal progression, individual preferences, and community participation through a range of enriching and therapeutic experiences. The Center is working to advance more innovative residential models, with appreciation for the ways in which architecture can be designed to foster both independence and a deeper connection to others. This is evident in the revitalized hamlet of Hurleyville, New York, which is becoming a nationally renowned model for inclusive and sustainable living. This hamlet provides opportunities for community members and adult residents alike, through various business ventures on Main Street, artisanal studios for Pottery and Fiber Arts, a strong connection to The Center’s Department of Nourishment Arts, and more.

Working Here

We have over 1,600 employees, many of whom started their careers with us and are now expert farmers, whole-food chefs, teachers, clinicians, doctors, and celebrated leaders. Our growing reputation for excellence has attracted talented staff from all over the world. The possibilities here are limitless - join our team today.