Welcome to the March 2021 TCFD Newsletter!

Family, Friends, and Supporters,

What a difference a few weeks and a few warmer days can make! We will soon be writing a new incredible chapter in our care of those with complex conditions with our new Children’s Specialty Hospital! Our brilliant staff, meanwhile, are informing and teaching across the nation on all different media platforms. And our residents and students are out on the farm and trails – learning, participating, exercising, engaging, and enjoying the environment thanks to the most dynamic, intelligent, compassionate staff in the world.

Here’s a look at the month’s highlights:

COVID-19 Pandemic Update

The weather is warming. The sun is out, which changes everything, said Dr. Terry Hamlin, The Center’s President, in a webinar presented to staff members and families.

On the vaccine front, The Center continues to do very well. Dr. Hamlin announced TCFD was able to offer vaccinations to another 300 staff members and family members during March. Susan Sayers, Chief Nursing Officer, and Casey Baez, Vice President of Benefits and Wellness, joined her.

Susan discussed the current pandemic symptoms, which seem to have shifted this spring to nasal congestion, sore throat, and headache – all of which are easy to confuse with seasonal allergies. The Center remains vigilant in its use of PPE and social distancing and now offers free rapid testing on campus to every employee.

The administration is always striving to make TCFD the best work environment possible for every staff member. Towards that end, Casey Baez reviewed some of the new benefits available to staff members this year, including a prescription plan and two new medical advice, wellness, and lifestyle information services.

Historic USDA Support for the Children’s Specialty Hospital

Our first-of-its-kind Children’s Specialty Hospital will soon be changing the lives of people with complex conditions and their families.

Thanks to the work of The Center’s Office of Strategic Outreach and Partnerships and the steadfast support of U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, TCFD has been granted an unprecedented $35 million loan through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Office of Rural Development’s Community Facilities Program.

The Children’s Specialty Hospital will be a short-term inpatient assessment and treatment program for children aged 5-21. Our ultimate goal is to stabilize children in crisis and provide both families and school districts the tools they need to keep their children home and in-district instead of in residential facilities. The hospital will provide more than 400 healthcare and 150 construction jobs in Sullivan and the surrounding counties.

“We are so thankful to Senator Schumer for his support,” said Patrick H. Dollard, CEO of The Center for Discovery. “The Children’s Specialty Hospital will transform the model of care for people with complex conditions. It will offer families a place to turn at first diagnosis and expertise on a path forward. The Senator has always understood that. We are so grateful that he has been such a champion for our cause.”

The hospital will be transformative with direct benefits for the entire agency. It will be the first place families across New York State call when they have a child with a disability – whether they just received a diagnosis or need a comprehensive new treatment plan.

To view the press release from Schumer’s office, please visit https://bit.ly/TCFDCSHPR21.

We expect to break ground in late June.

Dr. Terry Hamlin in Pursuit of Health – a New Podcast

The weather is warming up, so when you are out walking, running, or biking, tune into The Pursuit of Health Podcast with The Center’s very own Dr. Terry Hamlin!

Dr. Hamlin was recently invited to chat with Dr. Eric Fethke. Dr. Fethke is a Pediatric Cardiologist trained at Columbia University who also sees The Center’s community members at the Discovery Health Center.

Look for Episode 3 from 2021 – “A Living Model of a Successful Medical Home and the Journey of an Innovator in Autism, Dr. Theresa Hamlin at The Center for Discovery.”


The Show Must Go On!

Due to the difficulties of social distancing and wearing masks for some of our students and residents, the Main Stage is not an option this year, but there will still be a production.

“The Little Mermaid,” which was chosen last year before the onset of the pandemic, got the nod for this year’s virtual work as well. “To make it happen, we have gathered our production team, reworked our script, recast some of the parts of the show, shrunk our cast size down, and envisioned what the show would look like on-screen instead of on stage,” said Conio Loretto, TCFD’s Director of Music Therapy. “Our cast members were elated when they recently heard the news in a Zoom meeting. We anticipate a premiere date in early June.”

The Integrated Arts program is truly beloved by all at The Center. Rachel Chaiet, Senior Occupational Therapist and a co-leader of the drama program added, “When we started our virtual drama classes in the fall, some of the students immediately started asking, “When is the next show?” Although nothing will replace being on stage, students and staff alike are very excited about this opportunity to do a big production once again.”

Invaluable Learning from TCFD’s Integrated Arts Team!

Our incredible Integrated Arts virtual seminar series educates hundreds of people worldwide on the very best of what we do at The Center.

Already recorded and just a click away are classes on best practices in the arts for individuals with complex conditions such as Music Therapy, Sound Healing, the Dramatic Arts, Outdoor Adventures, Creative Exercise programs, Accessible Dance, Farming & Horticulture, Relaxation Techniques, Maple Sugaring, and Seasonal Changes – Marking the Passing of Time.

You can watch each seminar on The Center’s YouTube channel by visiting https://bit.ly/IntegratedArtsSeminarSeries.

Springtime on Campus

Here at TCFD, we celebrate nature – in all of its forms and temperatures. Connecting with the Earth is one of our greatest joys. From maple tree tapping to early spring farm work, we are so grateful for our piece of the beautiful Catskill Mountains. Our maple tree tapping educational program also included a remote learning piece this year for students who could not travel to the farm due to pandemic restrictions. The Recreation Therapy team took out a camera and sent over some props, and the classrooms at our new Rock Hill School were treated to a live virtual demonstration of the process!

Hurleyville Expansion

Coming very soon to a Main Street near you – the Main Street Mews!

A beautiful new building complex on Main Street in Hurleyville is slated to open very soon with luxury 2-bedroom apartments and four new, unique retail spaces.

Hurleyville may just be the new hot spot – with a relaxed vibe and many businesses focusing on quality ingredients, preserving the environment, highlighting the talents of those with special needs and supporting inclusive entrepreneurs and enterprises.

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