Patrick H. Dollard and Terry Hamlin in Albany

It’s been a month of spreading our love, compassion, and knowledge here at home and beyond. We are building key relationships that will lead to more research, better practices, improved treatments and ultimately, transform lives for all those with complex conditions. At the same time, we are gearing up to honor one of our community’s greatest heroes.

Here are some brief highlights from February:

TCFD Leadership Team Visits Albany

This month, our leadership team brought The Center’s many successes to the attention of the Governor’s Office. TCFD President and CEO, Patrick H. Dollard, Associate Executive Director, Dr. Theresa Hamlin, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Communications, Michael Rosen, and Dr. Helena le Roux Ohm, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, had a productive meeting with Daniel Fuller, Deputy Secretary of Education to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

Patrick and Terry outlined the progress The Center has made across all of its programs, and together everyone discussed exciting opportunities for continuing to advance education in NYS

Patrick H. Dollard and Terry Hamlin in Albany

Working Together to Raise the Level of Health for Those with Complex Conditions

TCFD’s new affiliation agreement with Northwell Health is gaining lots of attention and energizing the research sector.

The agreement allows for collaboration and training in several areas of research – with particular focus on complex conditions and medical frailties like Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD and Gastrointestinal Diseases.

In an article in the Times Herald-Record published late last month, Northwell’s Senior Vice President and Chair of Pediatric Services, Dr. Charles Schleien, was complimentary, saying TCFD “has a fabulous reputation for a very high level of sophistication of clinical care… They also have tremendous amounts of data and wonderful researchers, who can work along with our researchers.”

Northwell Health is New York’s largest employer. With an annual operating budget of $13.5 billion dollars, Northwell owns and operates 23 hospitals and more than 800 outpatient clinics. The Center will be able to leverage Northwell’s “economies of scale” to save on purchases.

To read the entire Times Herald-Record article on the affiliation agreement, please visit: http://bit.ly/TCFDNHRecord.

An Evening of Discovery, A Lifetime of Dignity

Bob Wright: Evening Of Discovery

We are so proud to announce Bob Wright as our 2020 Evening of Discovery honoree!

The former Chairman and CEO of NBC and Vice Chairman of GE will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for his constant compassion and tireless work on behalf of those with complex conditions.

When Bob’s oldest grandson was diagnosed with autism, he started Autism Speaks with his late wife Suzanne. They traveled the world raising awareness and funds for research. And after Suzanne passed away in 2016, Bob created the Suzanne Wright Foundation to bring awareness and funding to pancreatic cancer.

“An Evening of Discovery: A lifetime of Dignity – Honoring Bob Wright” will be held at Chelsea Piers, Pier Sixty on Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

TCFD Goes Under the Sea

The auditions are complete and 28 students and residents are beginning to explore the world under the sea as Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, Scuttle, Prince Eric, King Triton, Ursula, Chef Louis and rest of the characters from The Little Mermaid!

The dynamic cast includes 5 actors and actresses making their debuts on stage, while others take on new challenges – including new songs, more lines, and increasingly complex dance routines.

The stage crew is also embarking on a new journey to build sets and props including Ariel’s underwater wonders and thingamabobs, and of course new costumes. We are told Tech Director, Erin Atkins, envisions a “kaleidoscope of color and light!” Last year’s crew worked for more than 100 hours behind the scenes, and we can’t wait to experience their creativity this time!

It will be a few months before we all get to see part of that world. The show will be performed in early June and will be the seventh main stage production for the Discovery Dramatic Arts Program. We can’t wait!

The Little Mermaid at TCFD

A Well-Deserved Recognition for the Hurleyville General Store

Extending a huge congratulations to our friends over at the Hurleyville General Store for being presented with a New York Senate Empire Award by Senator Jen Metzger. Since it’s official opening this past Summer, the general store has opened its arms to all community members with its uplifting spirit and dedication to inclusivity and to giving back. A true model of what the Empire Award stands for.

Hurleyville General Store Empire Award from Senator Metzger

Hand-Crafted with Love Right in Our Backyard: Welcome, La Salumina

La Salumina is preparing to open soon right on Main Street in Hurleyville!La Salumina in Hurleyville, New York

We spoke to Eleanor Friedman, the President & Founder of La Salumina about her journey and what we can expect:

What spoke to you about Hurleyville in terms of locating there?

Eleanor: I was happy that there would be some infrastructure for my business, but upon arriving for my first tour of The Center, I fell in love with the community that Hurleyville is built upon.

Your mission is to bring techniques you learned in Italy and also honor the animals of the Northeast. How important is it to you both to visit and to be close to the farms you are sourcing from?

Eleanor: Visiting is invaluable. Farms change over time, and without constant contact and relationships with the farmers, the land and the animals there is no way to know absolutely you can stand behind your product. Since for me one of the main reasons I came to this project was to support farms that are working in a sustainable/ regenerative manner, and to be the liaison between them and the consumer. In terms of proximity, it makes my visits easier, helps stimulate local economy and create more sense of community. I try to minimize my carbon footprint and being close to the farms (in the relative Northeast sense) helps with that.

How did this dream come to be for the two of you?

Eleanor: For me, it was the long road back from vegetarianism. I was working at Blue Hill (Pocantico Hills, NY) for several years, and because of their sourcing, decided to reintegrate meat into my diet. I believe if I am to eat meat I need to be able to raise and process the animals; and so the journey began. I landed on a farm in Italy doing all of the above. It was at this point that Gianpiero and I met. He loved the idea, and comes from a family that owns bars (the Italian style, think pastries, coffee, drinks) and so having a family business to him was an obvious choice. He has been cooking since he was 14, and so the jump to transferring from restaurant kitchens to La Salumina was not so far flung.

What products can we expect when you open?

Eleanor: From our own product line we will be offering our cooked and raw salumi (charcuterie to start). The rest of the products will be integrated over the following 6-12 months. We will have classic sausage, tonno del chianti, rillettes, pate rustico, and salami when they come to maturation. We will be offering sandwiches, and restorative broths to stay and to go. We will have a small cheese counter, and a selection of Italian sundries. Assuming we get approval, we will be offering craft beer and cider to go.

What do you hope happens when customers walk through your door?

Eleanor: I hope for people to enjoy themselves, and leave feeling satisfied. And in my dream world, I hope to be able to use this business, store, as a place to discuss our food systems and choices, and how we can make a difference.

Any other plans for the future?

Eleanor: We will likely be having some pop-ups/collaborations throughout the coming seasons as a way to showcase our products and the farms we work with. Nothing is set in stone yet. On request we will offer classes, and private events.