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A Month of Discovery: August 2021

Welcome to the August 2021 TCFD Newsletter!


Our resolve to keep moving forward through the storm that is the COVID-19 pandemic is stronger than ever. In August, we prepared for a safe, in-person school learning experience. We helped our local partners open a new community high school with an incredible early college program.

. And, we opened a new play park for those in our care. Of course, we also picked vegetables and flowers, weeded, took care of the chickens, goats, and sheep, and made some tea from our garden herbs.

Life is rich here at The Center for Discovery®. It always is.

Here are some highlights from the month of August:

COVID – 19 Update

“It’s more than us now. It’s our future generation,” said our President, Dr. Terry Hamlin, in the latest webinar on COVID-19 and the Delta variant.

Dr. Hamlin and TCFD’s Chief of Nursing, Susan Sayers, updated staff and family members several times throughout August on the increasing impact of the variant on children. “Each week the number of children being diagnosed with the Delta variant is growing exponentially,” said Dr. Hamlin, “as are the number of children being admitted into the ICUs and into hospitals.”

Dr. Hamlin said she believes vaccine mandates will be instituted at all OPWDD facilities in the near future.

Susan addressed the issue of breakthrough infection, “People who have received the vaccination are experiencing very mild cold symptoms for just a couple of days versus those that are not vaccinated who are getting really sick.  And that’s the whole point of it.  That if you do get sick after vaccination – you are not overwhelming hospitals.”

She added that booster shots are now being recommended for those who are immune-compromised, undergoing cancer treatment and long-term use of high-dose steroids, and other serious health issues.  After September 20th, the 3rd shot will be available to those who had their first series (last shot) at least 8 months ago. The Center’s Discovery Health Clinic continues to provide both the Moderna and Pfizer shots and regular COVID-19 testing. And, the COVID-19 hotline remains open 8am-8pm every day.

Both Dr. Hamlin and Susan Sayers outlined quarantine and testing policy changes due to alterations in CDC and state guidelines reflecting the changing pandemic situation nationwide. And, they asked everyone to remember the basics of washing hands and all surfaces frequently. “We can’t let down our guard quite yet on those very basic practices that really do so much in preventing the spread of illness to others,” Susan said.

TCFD CEO Patrick H. Dollard Named to HVEDC BOARD

The Center for Discovery® and our CEO, Patrick H. Dollard, will soon be sharing expertise and a forward-thinking vision with businesses across the Hudson Valley, now that TCFD is the newest member of the Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation.

The HVDEC is comprised of top-level professionals in the wide-ranging areas of business, real estate, education, and medical services throughout Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Orange, Ulster and Sullivan counties. They work together to simultaneously promote our region and assist relocation of businesses as well as new start-ups.

21st Century High School Model Comes to Hurleyville, New York

The Collaborative College High School has opened its doors!

High school students in Sullivan County now have an incredible opportunity to explore and get professional experience before they graduate. Located in the old THINC lab on Main Street in Hurleyville (donated by TCFD for this important project), CCHS is a partnership between SUNY Sullivan and The Homestead School.

Considered an “early college program,” the educational model will offer college courses for ninth grade students beginning this fall.  Graduates can potentially leave high school with an associate’s degree under their belt!  Some of the course selections are of great importance to us including: healthcare, environmental sustainability, and graphic design.

Please take a moment and read the great stories reported on CCHS across the Hudson Valley:

  • The River Reporter: https://riverreporter.com/stories/the-plant-knows-innately-how-to-grow,47139
  • SUNY Campus Newspaper: https://cccnews.info/2021/08/16/the-homestead-school-and-suny-sullivan-host-ceremonial-opening-of-new-collaborative-hub-campus/
  • Mid-Hudson News: https://midhudsonnews.com/2021/08/14/suny-sullivan-joins-with-homestead-school-for-new-venture/

The Promise Ahead

As we head into fall, a new school season, and several holidays, we’d like to ask you to continue to talk to friends, family – and really anyone you meet – about the incredible work done here at The Center!

Our Annual Campaign remains open as there will be no in-person fundraising events this year. Many of our most loved programs like art, music, dance, theatre and recreation rely on those monies to create life-enriching experiences.

Giving is a simple.  Please visit:  https://thecenterfordiscovery.org/thepromiseahead/. And, for any development related inquiries, please contact our Vice President of Development, Gabrielle Scott at gscott@tcfd.org.

Thank you!

New School Year and a New Dream Playground!

A new school year and a dream come true here at TCFD!

The Discovery Dreams Play Park has been the vision of our Clinical team for years.

They never give up!  And, thanks to their determination and collaboration with other TCFD teams, the South Campus is now a wonderland of discovery.

“The park is an inclusive, outdoor learning and skill building environment that enhances physical health and well-being, promotes positive self-esteem, and fosters friendships through fun and interactive play – nurturing the mind, body, and spirit at once,” said Ann Marie Connolly, TCFD Assistant Chief of Clinical Services.

She added, “We are grateful to all of the generous donors who made Discovery Dreams a reality! We are also grateful to our amazing EarthCare and Environmental Management teams for all of their hard work and dedication on this project.”

By all indications, the teachers are eager to get out and play with their students! “We are thrilled that the Discovery PlayPark on the South Campus will be open to the classrooms when we return in September,” said Education Chief Kerri Muzurk, “During our late summer conference, the teachers from the South Campus were given a tour and an opportunity to design educational experiences inside this dynamic and motivating instructional environment.”   We can’t wait to see the smiles on the faces of our kids – young and old!