The Center for Discovery has resumed family visits with advanced protocols to ensure the protection and safety of your family member(s). Below is a series of frequently asked questions and family visit criteria that will help outline our process and policies.  



View the Family Visitation Criteria handouts:

Family Visitation Criteria


FAQs for Family Visits

If I decline the first visit because I don’t think my child is ready for a visit, will I have another opportunity to visit?

Absolutely, this is your choice, and we will continue to let you know of any opportunities.

I really want to take my child home for the weekend versus visiting for one hour, can I do this?

No. We continue to monitor the spread of COVID 19 in our county and throughout the state. When our team including our physicians agree the risk is low, we will extend the visits to home visits. We do not have a current timeline established.

May I take my child off campus during my assigned time?

No. All visits will occur in a designated area for one hour. Walks are allowed. Staff will provide guidance on safe locations to take a walk with your child. Social distancing and mask use rules will apply.

When I check in for my visit, am I required to take my temperature if I feel well?

Yes. You will be required to check your temperature upon completing the check-in process with a nurse.

Are masks required to be worn during the visit with my child?

Yes, a surgical mask will be provided to you after successful completion of the parent health screener. The mask must be worn at all times while you are on our campus.

May I bring food for my child to share during our visit?

You may bring a snack size portion of a snack for your loved one. Please do not bring a meal to share as you are required to wear a mask at all times.

How many people may visit at one time?

Two family members may visit at one time. All visitors must be over 14 years of age.

How long are the visits?

One hour. Please allow for ample time prior to arrival for parking and check in prior to your assigned visit time. To remain respectful to all visitors and individuals, please be prompt. If you arrive late, there will be less time to visit with your loved one.

Can my child and I go for a walk during our visit?

Yes. In most locations, we will be designating a safe walking trail if you want to walk. Upon check in, the staff will let you know which trail is assigned for your area.

Is there any additional information needed following a visit?

You must notify us immediately if you experience any signs or symptoms of illness for fourteen days after your visit.

After this visit, when will I be allowed to have a second visit?

We will eventually move to every other week or every third week. We are also hoping to extend the length of time as we get more comfortable.


We will continue to carefully monitor the COVID-19 situation with NYSDOH, CDC, and the WHO, and will remove or apply further restrictions as the situation evolves.  You will be informed if The Center experiences any positive cases of COVID-19, or if your child has been exposed to anyone with COVID-19.  The Center cares for the most vulnerable individuals with developmental disabilities in NYS, and together, we are partners in assuring that each person is protected and cared for.

Please note that a family infoline has been set up to address any questions and concerns and is available seven days a week.

We thank you for your understanding and support.

Patrick H. Dollard
President and CEO, The Center for Discovery

Dr. Theresa Hamlin, Associate Executive Director
Board of Directors, The Center for Discovery
Dr. George Todd, MD, Medical Advisor to the Board of Directors
Dr. Phil Wilken, MD, Medical Director
Dr. Jordan Glaser, MD, Infectious Disease Physician, Northwell Health