Our Food Exploration Discovery (FED) Team is bringing you 20 creative ideas for you to do with your child this summer break – whether they’re spending time off from school, or helping to prepare their lunch for camp!

  1. Use cookie cutters with watermelon to create fun, fruit shapes!
  2. Put together fruit skewers using strawberries, grapes, pineapple, and blueberries.
  3. Make your own Mr. Potato Head, but with food such as pepper slices and broccoli.
  4. Try out messy play activities – smash, squeeze, or stomp various food items (outdoors, of course!).
  5. Freeze fruit into ice cubes and use them in drinks for extra flavoring!
  6. Make popsicles out of juice, or even milk and cereal for a different texture and flavor.
  7. Craft homemade ice cream by using an ice cream maker ball, or with fresh fruit in a Yonanas machine.
  8. Freeze fruits such as grapes and strawberries for a refreshing snack on a hot summer day.
  9. Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables – and try to do it every day!
  10. Make an American flag cake for an extra special 4th of July celebration.
  11. Play Tic Tac Toe with fruits and vegetables – use carrot and celery sticks to divide the lines.
  12. Plant your own colorful garden, full of different types of produce – a fun activity for the entire family!
  13. Visit a local farm and pick berries or veggies!
  14. Plan a picnic and eat outdoors on a mild summer day.
  15. Use a tackle box to pack snacks on the go, like healthy wraps, veggie sticks, and more!
  16. Put together a lemonade stand with different variations of lemonade – strawberry, orange, you name it!
  17. Make a hearty trail mix blend for hiking or walking.
  18. Cook over the campfire – make s’mores, hot dogs, mountain pies, or a banana boat!
  19. Invite friends over for a themed food party, like Mexican cuisine.
  20. Use travel and vacation as a time to explore food a bit differently. Order a new food at a restaurant, try a new dip for chicken nuggets, but make sure everyone in the family picks a new food to try. You’re already out of your routine, so mix it up with mealtime a little, too!

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